10 Best Bean Bag Chairs Reviewed

best bean bag chair

best bean bag chair

Lets jump into the details of Best Bean Bag Chair straight away,shall we ?

1. Big Joe Media Lounger

Just like the name implies, this beanbag chair is BIG. If you think size is what matters most, then the Big Joe Media Lounger is worth checking out. Reviewers agreed that its size was definitely its defining characteristic, stating, “This thing is massive!

best bean bag  2
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It has continued to grow and now takes up almost as much room as my daughter’s full-size bed.” Another commented that, “It doubled in size the next day and still grew over the next 7 days.” !

But, despite its mammoth size, many reviewers agreed that it was surprisingly easy to move due to its sewn-on straps. One happy customer raved, “We love this bean bag, it’s easy to move with two people, the handles are super helpful.”

It’s easy to see why people have loved this beanbag chair, still, we’ve ranked it at the bottom of our list because size wasn’t always a good thing: “It’s a bit tough to get out of, so not for older folks.” Another adding, “We are all regretting it a little. It would be perfect in a playroom but it’s just too much for a bedroom!”

2. Flash Furniture Small White Furry Bean Bag Chair for Kids and Teens

Small White Furry Bean Bag Chair for Kids
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Coming in at #2 is Flash Furniture’s Small White Furry Bean Bag Chair for Kids and Teens. This beanbag chair is combining style with durability, making it perfect for kids.

With 16 different color choices available, your child is almost guaranteed to find their favorite color in stock and its machine-washable removable cover makes it easy for parents to clean.

One reviewer writes, “I love that the cover is removable for washing!” Another made note of the unique child-lock cover, “It comes with a lock on the zipper with 2 keys attached. Definitely would recommend.” And, unlike many beanbag chairs, another reviewer shared that, “The ‘beans’ are self contained so there’s no mess.”

The main criticism that seemed to follow this chair was its cover. While some loved the design, “I loved the fabric and the color of this particular bag!” Others found the cover to be less comfortable than it looked, “The fabric cover has no stretch. This prevents my daughter from totally sinking in and she eventually slides off while sitting.” Still, if you’re searching for a durable and stylish seat for your toddler or child, this beanbag chair may be right for you.

3. Cozy Sack 6-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large, Grey

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Next on our list is the Cozy Sack, which comes in an assortment of sizes but is most popularly purchased as the 6-feet Bean Bag Chair.

Like number 10 on our list, its size is large too, but the comfort was undeniable. One reviewer bought it as a family piece, “Our family LOVES this bean bag. On movie nights there are three people laying on it very comfortably.” Another writes, “They take a beating and always bounce back to their very plush size.”

Even with so many positive reviews for comfort, it did seem to take a bit of work to make the chair reach its full potential.

Many reviewers remarked that it was, “A little tough to unpack and separate,” but still, with a bit of teasing and patience, “We were able to get to full FLUFF within only 6 hours.”

For those looking for a cozy beanbag chair that the whole family can relax on and don’t need to use it immediately, the Cozy Sack might be your next addition

4. Flash Furniture Over-sized Solid Brown Bean Bag Chair

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With a more classic approach to style, Flash Furniture’s Over-sized Beanbag Chair rates high amongst its users. As one of the mid-priced options on the list, this bag could be great for any buyer on a budget looking for a large, but reliable, beanbag chair.

Unlike the former bags, customers agreed the size is perfect as a one-person chair for adults. One reviewer writes, “The size is great! My roommate and I each bought one for our apartment living room and they are awesome, plenty big for a full-grown person.”

Another reviewer said it works for anyone, “We have all sizes of people, tall, heavyset, and little grand kids. This bean bag works for anyone.” The downside? Well, one reviewer summed it up well: “Our 17-year-old took one of them into his room in front of his gaming console and I’m pretty sure we won’t get it back… ever. :)”

5. Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Milano Bean Bag Chair
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Big Joe has re-imagined the look of the classic bean bag chair to ensure that every enthusiast gets the back support they need. Instead of a shapeless pile of beans, this bean bag chair is a chair.

Reviewers appreciated its structure, noting, “It’s much comfier than a basic beanbag chair since it has a back and armrests.”

A satisfied mom bought it for her children to make “work-time” something to look forward to and has loved the result, “I wanted my kiddos to enjoy relaxing in it but also use them as structured chairs to sit up in whenever it’s work-time. They delivered!”

Even adults have found that this chair brings out their inner-child, “If you, like me, are somewhat of a man-child, these are the way to go.” Even though its durability was sometimes questioned, some users agreed that, “For the price, these might be the best deal out there.”

6. Sofa Sack – Plush, Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

memory foam bean bag
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Just like the company says, these bean bag chairs are “a retro staple with a modern twist.” The twist? They aren’t made with beans but are made with memory foam meant to deliver a new level of comfort.

After reading through reviews, it became clear that once the foam evens out, the chair delivers on its promised comfort, “I find this really comfortable. It provides a good cushion and back support.” Another review said, “This is more like a cute little sofa on which I can read and relax! I absolutely love this product!”

While over 60% of reviewers found the Sofa Sack worthy of a five-star review, “The foam inside is amazing. It’s like sitting in a cloud,” many others complained for some issues.

“It’s so soft and comfy, BUT there isn’t a separate bag for the foam, we tried to dump the foam into garbage bags so we could wash the cover and it was a DISASTER.”

Its inability to be properly cleaned has made us place the Super Sofa at #5, reminding us that comfort isn’t everything!

7. Sofa Sack Memory Foam Bean Bag Chair

Plush Ultra Soft Bean Bags Chairs
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Unlike the previous Sofa Sack, this version of the company’s memory foam bean bag chair is flooded with positive reviews. This bag reflects the original style of bean bag chairs and buyers loved it for its overall size, comfort, and quality.

“This bag is comfy! I fall asleep in it most nights.” Like the last chair, the pros are many, reviewers noting: “The cover is sturdy and durable, and it’s really soft to the touch & comfy too.” Another admitting that what it lacks in charm, it makes up for in comfort, “Although my husband calls it the ugly grey blob, I love it! It is shockingly huge, but very comfy and very relaxing.”

However, this model of the Sofa Sack had many customers lamenting its smell, “It does have a bit of a chemical smell but it’s not so bad that it makes the whole room smell, and it goes away after a few days.”

8. Big Joe Chartreuse Polka Dot Classic Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Polka Dot Bean Bag Chair
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Starting out the top 3 is the Big Joe Chartreuse Polka Dot Classic Bean Bag Chair. This bag’s price is unbeatable, making it an easy choice as the third-best bean bag chair on our list.

Especially made for kids, the polka dots may fool some into thinking durability was an afterthought; but it’s clear that this classic bean bag chair is made to make memories that last as long as the chair itself.

“It’s very durable, and the finish is nice. She drags it around everywhere.” Its size and weight also makes this chair perfect for kids wanting to play in rooms throughout the house, “It’s easy for her to carry in one hand if she wants to take it to her room. It fits well in any corner.” Parents can rest easy knowing that this chair, “Is big enough to enjoy for years to come!”

The most common complaint? “Now everyone wants one!”

9. Big Joe Large Fuf with Removable Washable Cover

Big Joe Large Fuf with Removable Washable Cover
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We have to warn you; this chair is “Dangerous”! Dangerously comfy 🙂 Your other furniture may need to be tossed out if you buy Big Joe’s Large Fuf!


Reviewer’s lives have changed, “My family lives in this chair.” Another customer confessing, “it has replaced our couch. We just bought a nice brand new couch along with this beanbag and no one wants to sit on the couch. This thing is so comfortable it’s sinful.”

Unlike many of the other bags on our list, this product comes with a removable washable cover and an inside lining that keeps the inner foam inside the bag. This makes it perfect for even the rowdiest users: “My son has spent hours jumping from the couch to the chair. The cats seem to enjoy curling up on it at night too.The chair seems durable.”

And although many reviewers have become obsessed with their Large Fuf, buyers be warned, it is large and is probably best for those with the space and muscle to lift 40 lbs., “Do not open this unless you’re in the spot you want it in. I can’t even pick it up to vacuum around it.”

10. CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

Finally — the best of the best! A bean bag chair that reviewers agree might be the most comfortable and versatile chair in the world. However, CordaRoy’s Chenille bean bag chair isn’t just a chair, it doubles as a mattress as well.

CordaRoy’s Chenille Bean Bag Chair

Coming in three sizes (full, queen, and king), reviewers loved it as an alternative for overnight guests. “We wanted something easy to pull out and put up beside an air mattress or folding bed. This is beyond perfect. Easily goes from bean bag chair to comfy bed.”

Like many bean bag chairs, the foam does take time to expand when it first arrives but, once it does, one customer claimed, “I instantly fell asleep the first time I laid on it. I wasn’t trying to take a nap but it was so comfortable that I just crashed.” Customers were impressed with its durability, “our first one is 10+ years old and is as nice as the day I bought it.”

Durable, easy to wash, extremely comfortable, and a two-piece furniture addition, this bean bag chair is easily the best on the market today, “This is everything I hoped for and more.”

And not surprisingly, it’s driving many to purchase several more, “Definitely worth every penny, we are buying 2 more for our basement!”

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