Who makes Best kitchen in the U.S.?

Who makes Best kitchen in the U.S.?

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Consider this as a comprehensive guide if you are planning for your kitchen renovation

Kitchen is the heart of every home. And if you are wondering which kitchen making company can design your dream kitchen within time and budget, without compromising on quality? We got you!

Listing out some of the best kitchen makers,US based, who can design illusory yet sleek and modern design for your home according to the space and layout.


Lakeville kitchen and bath is very popular for their variety of eye catchy designs. If you are looking for a service provider who is good at both modern and traditional designs then you can hire Lakeville kitchen and bath for best results. Lakeville offer these designs.

  1. Modern and contemporary
  2. Classic
  3. Traditional
Image Credit : Lakeville Kitchen

Their designers even suggest you very deceptive and perfect design according to your space that fits your house and requirements. Their cabinetry services will amaze you.

They almost deal with all designs from modern to traditional and their services are highly recommended. They are most trusted company for more than 85 years.

You can visit their website to check their most rated designs in their showcase. Their cabinetry service consists of various options which I have mentioned below.

  1. Crystal
  2. Fancy
  3. Classic
  4. Green forest
  5. Fair Mont

Their website: https://www.lakevilleindustries.com/

REHAU Millwork and cabinetry

If you are looking for a very modern design then I would recommend you Millwork and cabinetry. Their work is well known for their variety of modern designs and installation services. Here I am putting together some of their varieties.

  1. High Gloss
  2. Matte
  3. Glass
  4. Metal

High gloss

High gloss service is for those customers who want their kitchen to look shiny and sparkling. They use glossy material to make your kitchen look trendy yet simple.


Unlike high gloss, matte service is for those who find matte material more trendy and decent. The usage of matte stuff like matte cabinets and matte shelves will make your kitchen look extremely modern and fine.


If you are interested in making your kitchen look very majestic and modern then this is the best suit for you. You can avail this glass service by Millwork and cabinetry. They have abilities to crown your kitchen in sleek perfection.


If metallic looks grabs your attention and you want your kitchen to be designed and polished with metallic material then Millwork and cabinetry can provide you your dream service.

Their website: https://www.rehau.com/us-en/c

HOSCO kitchen and bath

hosco cabinets
Image Credit : Hosco Kitchen and Bath

Hosco kitchen and bath is the most trusted company since 1982. Their flooring and interior painting is most popular thing about them. Right now at the beginning of 2021 they are offering 10% off on their all products.

You can get your desired accessories at low prices in sale. Their services are very well explained on their website still I would love to mention them here for your ease. Their services and products include.

  1. Cabinetry (this service is for both, bathroom, kitchen and closets.)
  2. Tile backspalshes ( they will show you so many designs like Florida tile or American tile then you can choose the design of your choice)
  3. Wall surface
  4. Paintings
  5. Counter top

The great thing about Hosco kitchen and bath is that they accommodate things in your budget without compromising on quality. They deal in all design of wood.

You can hire them for renovating your existing kitchen design as well and they can even widen your doors and completely change the structure of your dull kitchen to a new modern design.

Their website: https://www.hoscocabinets.com/countertops.html

Snaidero USA

Snaidero USA
Image Credit : Snaidero USA

They are well known for their Italian and aesthetic flavored designs. Their services are available to be delivered at your door in time. You can check their portfolio on their website any time. They deal in all luxury designs for kitchen and bath.

If you find Italian structured kitchens amazing then they can be the one to provide you your desired structures cabinets and shelves. Their bold and classic color variety is very significant trait of their company.

Their website: https://www.snaidero-usa.com/


Merrilat Collection
Image Credit : Merrilat Collection

The services of Merrilat are quite similar to Kraftmaid. Their product line is narrow but designs are sleek. They have named their services as;

  1. Master piece collection
  2. Classic collection
  3. Basic collection

You can explore Merrilat designs anytime on their websites and their services are available 24/7. The biggest pro about them is that they suggest you the design in your budget and calculate the space to find the best suit in minimum budget.

Before placing and order you can ask them to show you some samples for your satisfaction.

Their website: https://www.merillat.com/

MasterBrand cabinets

MasterBrand cabinets
Image Credit : MasterBrand Cabinets

They not only make the sleek design but a comfortable user friendly structure for your family. They provide you tremendous options to choose for your kitchen and they put your dream into reality with their comforting design with the aroma of classic designs. They have versatile variety of cabinet designs for you so why not give it a go.

Their website: Masterbrand


KraftMaid Kitchens
Image Credit : KraftMaid Kitchens

Looking for a mixture or blend of perfection, trendy and affordable? here you go. KraftMaid can do this for you. The major pro of this company is that they provide the warranty for a whole lifetime.

This company is providing its services for more than 40 years now. The team is very well trained and experienced. Their designs are semi customized. Their cabinets are manufactured and customized in the United States of America.

While hiring them, don’t worry about budget because they can compensate accordingly. They never compromise on quality. You can visit their website for the portfolio and they have showcased their designs there. You can easily choose the design that fits your space. Their semi-custom design includes;

  1. Oak
  2. Cherry
  3. Maple
  4. Hickory

Their website: https://www.kraftmaid.com/

Green field cabinets

Green field cabinets
Image Credit : Greenfield cabinets

We are living in an era where people judge the atmosphere of your home by the design of the kitchen. The sleeker your kitchen is the more people consider you decent. Green field cabinets is a company very famous for their luxurious color blend and designs.

They not only provide the best kitchen designs but the bathroom and laundry designs as well. They use finest wood and paints to meet all needs. You can visit their website to know more about their designs. Listing out few of their most popular designs for your ease.

  1. Anza 2D laminate
  2. Abington 275 D
  3. Slab drawer front

Their website: https://www.greenfieldcabinetry.com/

Vienna wood works

Vienna wood works
Image credit : Vienna wood works

If you have a small space and don’t know how to organize it then Vienna wood works can provide you the best service. Before getting their quote, provide them all the specifications. They can design variety of designs for you.

You can contact them to see their previous work or work samples for your satisfaction. Their team is very well experienced and properly trained to provide you the best kitchen design services.

If you desire to have a rustic kitchen design then there is no comparison of Vienna wood works. Their popular and specific species include;

  1. Reclaimed barn wood
  2. Cherry
  3. Hickory
  4. Alder
  5. Rustic Hickory

For further details about Vienna wood works, you can visit their website. They have showcased their previous work and new modern designs their portfolio.

Their website: https://viennawoodworks.com/

XLT construction

XLT construction
Image Credit : XLT construction

XLT is a kitchen design, flooring and remodeling service provider. Once you hire them for the service, they will take care of the project from day one. Satisfying their customers and fulfilling their all requirements is the goal of XLT Construction Company.

If you want to see your dream transformed into reality then I would highly recommend to hire XLT construction for the fabulous classic kitchen designs. You can avail 3D visualizer service from XLT construction. Their services includes:

  1. Residential constructions
  2. Kitchen remodeling
  3. Granite counter tops

Their website: https://xltconstruction.net/


Let me tell you one great thing about them which makes them unique and different from others. They provide free shipping on the orders above $33. And right now by the end of 2020, they are offering clearance sale. You can avail the discount up to 40% on all of their products. Their home improvement service includes:

  1. Kitchen fixtures
  2. Kitchen faucets
  3. Kitchen sinks
  4. Floor and wall tile

Their website: https://www.wayfair.com

USA cabinet store

USA cabinet store
Image credit : USA Cabinet Store

USA cabinet store is at your service since 2011. They immediately became an unbeatable kitchen cabinet maker company in the USA. They provide very spectacular and fully functional designs.

People visit their outlets or websites when they get something broken in the kitchen or they are looking for some professional designs to fill up a space in their kitchen.

You can visit their showrooms as well to check what designs they are capable of making and how professionally they work. You can hire them to turn your outdated thing into a modern and sleek one. Their services includes:

  1. Kitchen remodeling (complete remodeling)
  2. Bathroom remodeling
  3. Kitchen cabinet line
  4. Counter top
  5. Bathroom vanities

And a lot more. To avail these services you can contact on the given contact on their website. Their fixture/accessories service is very helpful because they turn outdated stuff into modern and give you suggestions about designs, perfect size and shape according to the available space in your kitchen.

In the flooring service, they will show you home many possible ways are there to make your kitchen look like how you desire it to be. They have wide variety of colored tiles with the aroma of Italian style. You can choose any design that is suitable for you according to your budget.

Find them here : https://www.usacabinetstore.com/

Aster Cucine

aster cucine usa
Image Credit : Aster Cucine

They have decades of experience in manufacturing and designing kitchen accessories or kitchen cabinets. They believe in designing a kitchen in such a way that manifest passion. Their dynamic designs are consist of many versatile and aesthetic styles.

Providing top quality service is their mission and the team is very well trained plus highly motivated. Their kitchen cabinet collection consist of these styles and designs:

  1. Contempora
  2. Domina
  3. Opera
  4. Luxury glam

Find them here : https://astercucineusa.com/


Arclinea Kitchen
Image Credit : Arclinea Kitchen

There is no comparison of Arclinea in fitting kitchen interior with perfection. They have wide range of italic design to find the best aesthetic layout for your kitchen. Before starting the project, Arclinea team analyze the market trends and work accordingly.

Their work is being appreciated internationally as they have worked on many different international projects including South Korea, Australia, Italy and Holland. If you are interested in having a look on their international projects then you can easily access the showroom on their website. There you will find everything that you are looking for.

Once you hire them and tell them about the specifications like kitchen space a type of interior, they will properly guide you about the layout, colors, designs and styles. Since the past 3 years, secret kitchens are being promoted so if you desire to have a secret kitchen design then Arclinea can provide you the best service.

Their website here : https://www.arclinea.com/eng/

ikal kitchens

ikal kitchens
Image Credit : Ikal Kitchens

If you think that your kitchen is outdated and looking for a trust worthy company to renovate your kitchen then ikal kitchens would the best option for you. They provide high quality service and they totally change the structure of your outdated kitchen to some next level. They have so many interior renovation specialists who can make your dream of an eye catchy user friendly kitchen turns into reality.

They provide custom cabinetry services as well. Don’t overburden yourself thinking about which style you would choose to make your kitchen look classic. Handover this task to Ikal kitchen and the results will be beyond your expectations. They have market experience of around 20 years.

You can easily contact their kitchen makeover professionals through their website. Like other kitchen design service providers, they also have showcased their designs and previous work on their website which you can access anytime to have some idea about their versatile designs.

Listing out their popular services:

  1. Kitchen cabinets
  2. Kitchen renovation
  3. Built in wardrobes
  4. Laundry cabinets
  5. Bathroom renovation

If you are interested in knowing more about ikal kitchens then you can visit their outlet or website. They will guide you properly.

Their website here : https://www.ikal.com.au/

Magnet kitchen suppliers

Magnet kitchen suppliers offering 50% discount on all of their products by the end of 2020. Shop before this clearance sale runs out.

Here I will be mentioning their services in detail one by one for your convenience.

  1. Shaker : this category includes versatile designs and wide range of features.
  2. Handle less : Joining lines with constant sophistication.
  3. Modern : very unique and modern designs.

Their website here : https://www.magnet.co.uk/

Christopher Howard kitchen designs

They are creating luxury kitchen designs and products for more than 30 years now. They customized kitchen spaces in a beautiful and fully functional way. Their luxury designs will help you enhance your life styles.

All their customers who have experienced their products, cherish their services and they highly recommend them. If you want to make an appointment with them you can visit their showroom. The address and details are provided on their websites.

You can see their rare and beautiful interiors on their website in the form of picture gallery. This company is a 3rd generation cabinet manufacturer, they fully understand the power and beauty of woods. They know how to make a heart of home cherish able for many upcoming years.

More services of Christopher Howard kitchen designs :

  1. Ever hot range cooker
  2. Bespoke kitchen
  3. Ever hot electric stove

I would recommend you to see the testimonials on their website and read the clients feedbacks thoroughly. You will get some idea about their quality. Customizing kitchen with truly unique designs and extremely gorgeous designs is in their DNA.

Their website here : https://www.christopherhoward.com/

Martin Moore

martin Moore Kitchens
Image Credit : Martin Moore Kitchens

Martin Moore are at our service since forty five years. They use natural resources and organic material. Their hand made luxury kitchens are very much appreciated and influential. Almost all of their designs have aroma of Rome styles. They embrace digital technology in all of their showrooms. You can visit any of their outlet nearby.

Their loyal and sincere relationship with fosters is what makes them different. They listen to the requirements and then suggest you some suitable options from which you can choose the best one for your kitchen design. They are expert in crafting luxurious handmade kitchens. They provide installation managers for further assistance after the completion of the handmade kitchen project.

Their website here : https://www.martinmoore.com/about-us/

AyA Kitchens

aya kitchens
Image Credit : Aya Kitchens

Their portfolio and samples are featured in several magazines and videos. You can book video chat consultants as well. They will give you proper guidelines suggestions about designs and layouts according to the specifications of your home.

Most appreciated thing about their company is that they provide you life time warranty on their products. They have the right to alter the products and layout according to the specifications and requirements of the space. They use natural woods which includes:

  1. Cherry
  2. Maple
  3. Oak

Their Website here : https://www.ayakitchens.com/

Porcelanosa kitchen makers

Porcelanosa is one of the biggest names in kitchen makers industry. Their good quality products are the reason of their fame. They have around 400 showrooms where they showcase their samples and make appointments with the clients to entertain them with their services. Their product line includes:

  1. Solid surfaces
  2. Counter top
  3. Flooring system

They have so many affiliate programs as well. Their cabinet designs have some essence of European styles.

Find them Here

Cliq studios

cliq studios
Image Credit : Cliq Studios

Their idiosyncratically designed products lead them towards success and enhances their business in a very short interval of time. They have complete more than 20,000 projects till now (by the end of 2020).

You can ask them to design a product of your own choice. If you are not familiar with the trends then you can simply ask them for suggestions and they will tell you all possible designs and layouts for your kitchen.

Find them here : https://www.cliqstudios.com/

RTA cabinet store

RTA cabinet store
Image Credit : RTA cabinet store

RTA is the most popular company for kitchen DIYers. They are first in their type and product line. They are shipping flat pack even before the existence of the internet. For some best reasons they became popular. They continuously made progress due to client satisfaction. A lot of their customers reviewed their work and recommended to others.

Find them here : https://www.thertastore.com/

Planning and Building

Planning and building
Image Credit : Planning and Building

The company was established in 1973. Their project designs vary from custom cabinets to countertop, hardware, plumber services, lights and a lot more. They have completed more than two thousand projects and the quality of their service speaks for them. Their workers have so much industry experience that’s why they are able to deal with any work load challenge.

Reasons to hire them


The founder of this team have more than 30 years of experience. He gathered a skilled team and trained them for interior designs, custom cabinet services and fine finishing. They provided top class results customized according to your needs.


Within last 25 years, they have delivered around two thousand projects without compromising on quality. They have gained so much experience to easily tackle any problem and achieve the task.


They actively see every step of manufacturing to avoid any kind of problem. They always ensures top quality for their customers so that their clients can live and enjoy the space they have envisioned.


They are very proud to offer you the perfect warranty in the kitchen design industry. Their warranty includes a lifetime warranty for hardwares.

Find them here : https://planningandbuilding.net/

Final words to wrap it up

Comfortable and user friendly kitchen is what most of us desire. I tried to cover all of the best kitchen maker companies that you can hire to fulfill your needs. If you have read this article thoroughly then I consider that now you are very well aware of best companies according to your space and requirements.

For further assistance you can check their websites if you think I have missed some information, their virtual assistants are available 24/7 for your convenience.

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