Get the Best Liquid Hand Soap here

Get the Best Liquid Hand Soap here

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Best Ways To Disinfect In This Corona Crisis with Best Liquid Hand Soap 

There are various channels and avenues of transmission that can allow for the spread of disease and other sicknesses in your home.

One of the most risky areas is in and around your sinks, either in your kitchen or bathrooms. These moist and humid surfaces allow bacteria and lots of other bad things like mold to grow. The humid environment can also serve as a safe space for viruses.

An easy way to reduce your risks is to make sure you keep the area dry, but also to cut all contact with unnecessary surfaces. One tip we recommend to make this easy on yourself is to use a motion activated contact-less soap dispenser.

You might be used to seeing no touch soap dispensers in areas like airports, malls, and doctor’s offices, where they are very common. The reason that no touch and contact free hand soap dispensers are used – is because they are absolutely proven to work. It is a pretty common sense solution that is easy to apply.

The issue is that people with dirty hands spread their germs to everything they touch. Moisture in kitchens and bathrooms provides and environment for the germs to live. If you touch a soap dispenser you are almost guaranteed to be coming in contact with some sort of gross substance. So instead of taking any extra risks we highly recommend using a touch free hand soap dispenser.

We like this best liquid hand soap specific model, the “Simplehuman 8 oz. Touch-Free Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser”, for four extremely important reasons which we will cover in more detail. The first is because of the brand and its very strong reputation. The second because of the great efficiency and long battery life. The third reason being its perfect size, and last but not least – it is simply a very stylish product that would fit in anywhere.

simplehuman Touch Free Sensor Liquid Soap Pump Dispenser 2
Best Liquid Hand Soap 2020 by Simplehuman | Image Courtesy

We always think it is important to recommend quality goods and not cheap knock-offs, so we feel very confident sharing this with you.

The brand “Simplehuman” is known for making very high quality and price conscious products that are available to all consumers. It is not the most expensive brand, but you can rest assured that the commitment to quality is there. All of their products show this.

You can simply look at their amazon page to see that they have a very long list of high selling items with very good reviews. It means a lot when a company is willing to stand behind their offering and their reviews are proof that they do.

The next feature that really interested us was the battery life and sensor quality. Every one of us can remember a time we used a public washroom and waved our hand back in front of the paper towel or soap dispenser and nothing ever happened. The main cause of these motion sensor issues is actually from a weak battery.

Normally a little bit of water splashing on is not enough to cause an issue, but when the battery is weak it can make it hard for the machine to sense your hands. This further weakens the battery.

We would say that this has a very quality motion sensor which plays into the battery life and makes it last longer. This special sensor will not get trigged from far away, but it is quite sensitive when you are up close and place your hand under it. Which is exactly how it should be.

Because the simplehuman soap dispenser is so finely tuned, it keeps the batteries from being used up in a short period of time. If you read the reviews, one of the users said that they got over four hours out of the factory set of batteries that came with the dispenser. It also said that they were using it multiple times per day.

This is a very important issue for us and for you to because batteries can be pretty expensive and wasting them is also bad for the environment. Another plus is that they are very easy to access without any specialized tools. We all know how annoying it can be fumbling around looking for a screw driver with a six-sided hex head. Luckily you won’t have that issue with this battery operated remote activated simplehuman soap dispenser.

The size of this machine is something we were not super sure about at first, but it grew on us very quickly. The footprint and base of the machine is very compact. It is also a little bit taller than a normal bottle of dial hand soap that you might have in your bathroom right now.

We thought it could be an issue with the dispenser taking up too much of our precious counter space. And another thing we were worried about was that nearby objects might set it off.

In the end neither of them were and issue. The sensor is so finely tuned so that only thing immediately in front, in the area your hand would go, will set it off. Because of the compact base and optimum height it fits nicely into a back corner. This position is still easy to access and use without forcing you to clear lots of space on your sink and counter top.

One thing that we did not notice at first was that it is a little bit taller than a disposable soap that you would pick up at the store. That means you can fill it with more soap. More soap capacity on the inside means less refills.

You might be worried that refills could be messy or hard to do, but it really is just the opposite. The top pops open and the opening is very wide which makes it easy to pour the soap in. It is totally possible to refill this without getting everything sticky and covered in soap.

When we started shopping for the best motion activated hand soap dispenser available on amazon, we saw one issue more than a few times. It was that some of them do not seal properly which can be annoying and cause leaks. Some companies use cheap pump mechanisms with undersized or just plain cheap gaskets.

We have not had any issues with the pump mechanism or gaskets being low quality and causing leaks. Because this is a name brand you can be sure that the one you buy will be no different than the one we tested. That means you won’t have to worry about receiving a low quality product that won’t live up to your standards.

Finally the style and design is one aspect that people sometimes forget to think about and consider. Simply put – it looks like a million bucks. This would fit right in Gordon Ramsay’s personal kitchen, but it also wouldn’t look weird or out of place in your own bathroom.

One feature that we did not notice until we had to clean our kitchen counter was that the bottom is slightly raised up. It does not sit perfectly flush with the counter. This is very useful for preventing moisture build up. It also makes it easier to clean and sanitize your bathroom and kitchen counter surfaces. Keeping clean is a multi-step process and a soap dispenser that spreads more germs than it causes would be no good. Thankfully, that is not an issue with the Simple human brand of touchless soap dispensers.

We also found out another benefit of the design is that because of the soap capacity and pump location, it is very quiet to operate. We think it could be the most quiet soap dispenser for sale. It is not noisy at all. Some lower quality products are known for making a lot of noise and just taking a long time for the pump to do its work in general. We can tell because of the motor’s location that is very well insulated by all of the soap in the container which just absorbs almost all of the noise.

This will be very useful if you have someone in the kitchen and don’t want to interrupt your conversations. Another situation would be if you a bathroom right next to a bedroom and cannot risk waking anybody up late at night.

This dispenser has a strong pump so you don’t have to worry about watering down any thicker or higher quality best hand soap for dry hands to make sure that it will work. Our idea that you might consider is purchasing a variety of smaller bottles of soap. That way you can test out and use a few to find the ones you enjoy best. A very common thing is buying a different one for each season and rotating them in and out through the year.

For the spring time we personally prefer to use something thin, light and citrus scented. South of France is a very well-known brand but might run a little bit more expensive than a generic lemon scented soap refill. The “South Of France Liquid Soap, Lemon Verbena” bottle is our definite choice for this season. It smells so natural, and also for the reason that it is made out of very safe ingredients that won’t harm or dry out your hands if you have sensitive skin.

Best Liquid Hand Soap
South Of France Liquid Soap | Image Courtesy

During the summer time our go to scent is eucalyptus. It gives off the perfect “down under” Aussie vibe. Warm beaches. Dark tan skin. Koala Bears. It is tough to beat those emotions and there are all sorts of very high quality products available to find anywhere. If you want to get them online, amazon has one that is highly rated and used by lots of people. This “Eucalyptus Mint Gentle Foaming Hand Soap 2 pack” is exactly what you should be looking for. The foaming action makes it easier to get into all of the nooks and crannies on your hands and fingernails. When it dries it leaves your hands smelling good and feeling clean, light, airy, and refreshed. That makes it the best smelling hand soap. Eucalyptus hand soap will be a good choice.

Eucalyptus MInt Gentle Foaming Hand Soap
Eucalyptus Mint Gentle Foaming Hand Soap 2 pack | Image Courtesy

Fall is one of our favorite times of the year, pretty much for one reason alone. Pumpkins. Everybody likes to make jokes about Starbucks Pumpkin – Spice Lattes, but you cannot argue that they sell extremely well. They also smell perfect and taste even better. Maybe we are just a little obsessed.

Our hand soap choice for the fall would have to be this two pack of “Pumpkin Patch Hand Soap Bundle – Two 14 Oz Bottles of Seasonal Scented Hand Soap (Pumpkin Spice and Cinnamon Sugar)”. Just in case Pumpkin hand soap spice is not your absolute favorite it also comes with a very safe cinnamon sugar scented soap. The cinnamon will not overwhelm you or anyone stopping over for thanksgiving dinner.

Pumpkin Patch Hand Soap Bundle
Pumpkin Patch Hand Soap Bundle | Image Courtesy

The toughest season of all to pick a single soap for has got to be winter. It kicks off with the holidays, Christmas and then New Year’s, so you can guarantee that you will have guests coming over and judging. The Simple human soap dispenser is pretty hard to resist using. It practically begs you to come over, reach out, and try it, which means you have to be prepared to delight your holiday guests.

Just because of the sheer variety we have to recommend the “Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions Christmas Soaps 5-Pack”. Especially if you have a larger place and plan to entertain you will want to order this deal. It can never hurt to be prepared. Your Simplehuman hand soap dispensers will be stocked up for your guests all season long.

Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions Christmas Soaps
Bath and Body Works Holiday Traditions Christmas Soaps | Image Courtesy

The five scents can be split into two groups. One group would be strictly holiday smells and the other is more versatile season long scents that won’t drive you crazy after months of use. The “Merry Cherry Cheer” which smells like sugar, cider, pomegranate, and dark cherry. The second is the “Frosted Coconut Snowball” which is a mix of sweet coconut, eggnog, and pure vanilla. They are the two must have’s for any holiday parties you have in the works.

The other three scents are “Winter Candy Apple”, “Vanilla Bean”, and “Twisted Peppermint”. They are not as novel as the previous two but they have a consistent and well liked staying power. Also they won’t wear you out by the time spring rolls around again.

We wouldn’t worry about having extra soap sitting around because winter is the time of year when things spread. You have to be careful and really focus on staying clean and washed up. You will probably go through them all quicker than you would ever believe.

Handwashing itself is definitely a very important habit and step to keeping everything sanitized and clean. It is needed, but there is one thing that almost every person forgets about. The dirtiest thing that we touch every single day isn’t a doorknob or the lever on a toilet. The dirtiest thing we use, and we use it for hours every day is our cell phone. You might be using yours right now!

The average American uses their smartphone in some capacity for almost four hours every day of the week. We do not think it makes a lot of sense to wash our hands if the very next thing we go and grab is our super dirty phone. And the tough thing is – you cannot clean your phone with soap and water because they are so expensive. Nobody wants to risk getting them wet and ruining their investment.

We seriously believe that everyone should consider purchasing a UV light disinfectant bed. There are three reasons. They are excellent cleaners and kill all sorts of germs. They are extremely easy to operate and use, and they are highly versatile. Also as an extra they can be used for more than just your cell phone.

It sounds crazy but they have the same cleaning power as sunlight, the most powerful disinfectant in the world. The science behind this is the same thing that causes sunburns and beautiful tans. Powerful UV light rays are able to overwhelm harmful agents like bacteria and viruses.

Our preferred product would be the “Portable UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Sterilizer Cleaner” because it has a large usable area. In the case you have a larger phone like an iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note it would be good. It is also portable which is very useful if you spend a lot of time going to airports and traveling. This best way to disinfect phone also fits fine on a nightstand or kitchen counter. There is a reason so many people end up sick in the winter times, but not during the summer when the sun is shining down brightly.

portable uv
Portable UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Sterilizer Cleaner | Image Courtesy

We tried to find the best working, most stylish, and most useful cleaning and disinfecting products for you. We looked at several items for your bath and kitchen before making our decision. The best are the Simplehuman hand free soap dispenser and the portable UV cell phone sanitizer.

These products help to keep your hand germ free which is good for yourself and those around you. They limit your ability to catch and spread anything harmful, which could very well save a life. We hope that you will seriously consider our recommendations. Thank you for reading and we will continue to update our review as we further study and research the products to keep your house clean.

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