10 Travel Essentials for a Hassle Free Family Vacation?

Travel Essentials for a Hassle Free Family Vacation

To most people traveling brings pure joy. Now, are you wondering what makes the traveling experience much more enriching? The answer is few carry on essentials and peace of mind. Whether you are traveling solo or as a couple, whether it is a two-week vacation or just a weekend getaway, there are always a few essential travel items you need to pack for your trip. These items are bound to make your trip not only enjoyable but also much less stressful.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t need a pair of headphones while traveling? Particularly to make sure that your seatmate’s snoring doesn’t ruin your mood. Let’s not forget the importance of a smart-looking sturdy travel bag to carry all your travel essentials.

It is very important to invest in the right backpack that will also last long. There are travel backpacks for those who like traveling light and travel suitcases for people who like packing a whole lot of things.

Try sticking to a size of 35-40 L as a backpack or a day pack style. This size will help your backpack act as a carry-on. Additionally, you can use it as a day pack and just carry the essentials while exploring new places.

Also, make sure that you choose a backpack with elastic shoulder straps as this will help reduce the weight and you will be able to carry it easily. An adjustable chest button is a must, too, as it will make sure the backpack sits sturdily and not wobble around while walking or trekking.

The zippers need to be of high quality and smooth with adjustable buckles to protect your backpack when you are loading heavy items.

Packable jackets are an extremely important travel kit essential that will come in handy not only on flights but also in the evening when the weather tends to get chilly. You can also protect yourself from the rains and layer up to avoid extreme cold with these jackets. These jackets take up very little space, and therefore, carrying them around is easy. Thus investing in a good well fitted pack able jacket will make your traveling easier.  
Packable Jackets

When buying a packable jacket, keep in mind the following things:

  1. Make sure it is both waterproof and windproof.
  2. It should also be quick dry
  3. The fabric fiber should be durable and have a fuzzy lining to make sure it can retain heat
  4. It should be hooded with long sleeves and utility pockets
  5. It has to be big yet petite and the perfect size

Remember the following things while investing in a pair of good comfortable waterproof shoes:

  1. Water-ready that will protect your feet from rain, slush, mud, or snow
  2. Environment-friendly material that is also washable, highly breathable, and extremely durable
  3. The rubber outsole should be super grippy as well as flexible
  4. Abrasion resistance
  5. Good control and enhanced foothold
  6. Eco-friendly footwear

It is important to carry some standard Savlon, medication, and plaster while traveling. The last thing anyone would want while traveling is to run to the pharmacy for ointments and bite creams. Instead, carry a first aid kit with you. Make sure the medical kit has everything you may or may not need while traveling. Because let’s not forget, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Make sure the first-aid kit is shockproof and lightweight. The surface should also be waterproof so that all the supplies are safe. Keep your kit close at all times so that in case of any emergency, you can help yourself out before medical care finally arrives. Emergencies like accidents, injuries, or earthquakes can happen at any time. Therefore, your kit should have a supply of whistles, first-aid blankets, scissors, and multi-function saber cards, thus making your chances of survival high.

The benefits of travel pillow are many, especially as you grow older, the more beneficial it will seem in your must-haves for long flights. And not just flights carrying a pillow on any journey is essential as it will make sure you are sleeping in the right position rather than being all crumpled up

  1. Good quality durable straps that will prevent falling forward or slouching
  2. Orthopedic surgeon-approved so that you can have a pain-free sleep
  3. A compact travel case that will make sure the pillow takes up less space
  4. Hygienic fabric cover that will keep moisture at bay
  5. High-quality pressure-relieving memory foam that ensures good comfort
  6. Adjustable clasp for various neck sizes

If you love traveling and are a frequent traveler, then a universal adapter must be on your travel essentials list. Most of us carry multiple electronic devices like laptops, cameras, phones, and tablets; hence, universal adapters are a must. They will help you plug your device into any power outlet and charge your batteries.

While investing in a universal adapter and convertor, look for the following features:

  1. Go for an adapter that has a plug-and-play solution
  2. Provides a picture quality of 4K UHD high resolution
  3. Ultimate compatibility with all devices
  4. Lightweight and compact, thus making it easily portable

Traveling is all about enjoying, experiencing life, and making memories. There’s a famous quote that goes, “a photograph can speak a thousand words”- this is so true. The joy it brings when you re-live those precious moments through those pictures cannot be measured. Therefore, investing in a good camera is very important. Your travel camera needs to be lightweight and compact that can easily fit even in a cross-body purse. After all, you have to carry it around your neck throughout the day.

Key Features to consider when buying a camera:

  1. Ultra-slim design that is portable and pocket-sized
  2. A generous digital zoom of at least 5x
  3. A wide-angle lens that will help you grab the whole picture
  4. Effortlessly switching from photos to HD Video
  5. Auto exposure and face detection that will help to highlight and capture the subject clearly
  6. Supports standard SD/SDHC memory card

There’s always one person in the group who is in charge of the passports, but when going through security, you will need them individually. And if you are traveling with your family, then sorting out the passports might end up being confusing and time-consuming. Even though you have to take the passports out from their cover in most airports, it becomes much less of a hassle if you carry your passports in your passport holder.

Passport Holder

While choosing the passport holder, make sure it fits all your important documents like passport, documents, and id. It should also fit coins, cash, cell phone, and credit cards. Choose a unisex organizer that will act as a travel organizer bag for women and as a neck travel wallet for men. The color should also compliment all your outfits. The quality of the material should be such that it protects your phone, and you don’t end up with scratch marks on your phone.

Headphones are an extremely important trip essential. You will have multiple opportunities where you need to have a headphone. Be it on the journey in train, car or plane or while just chilling and sunbathing outside. You can easily block out loud noises and lose yourself in the music with amazing noise-cancellation headphones. Make sure that you are investing in a good one with long battery life and good quality.

While buying a good quality headphone, keep in mind the following things:

  1. Foldable and compact design with a protective travel case to carry it around easily
  2. Voice commands for a hands-free experience
  3. Superior noise cancellation that will cancel out any annoying background noises
  4. Micro-USB charging cord that makes for hassle-free charging
  5. A longer range of communication
  6. Equipped with the greatest and latest Bluetooth technology

Whether you are on a long flight or a short one, Kindle is among the important carry on essentials. Kindle is lightweight and smaller than the most single paperback. Yet it can hold thousands of books. Ideal for reading even in a low light environment, it has faster page turn and higher resolution, thus making it the perfect device to carry in-plane and overnight bus rides.

Kindle is light and thin, which is why it is easily portable. The glare-free display gives an effect like real paper. Also, it is waterproof, which is why you can easily carry it to the beach or poolside. With 8GB storage, it can hold several audio books, magazines, and comics. The battery on this device can last up to several weeks. And that’s not all. The built-in light will allow you to read anywhere you want to.

Now that you have made a travel essentials list, it’s your time to pay attention to safety. Below are some useful tips on how to travel safely and comfortably. Check these out and enjoy your trip vibrantly.

Travel Safety Tips

When planning for your next family trip, keep in mind these straightforward and simple travel safety tips:

Use Travel Locks

In case you are planning to stay in a hostel, it is important to go prepared. Carrying your locks will make sure your bags remain secure at all times to your chair or seat while in transit or dining. Thus making sure your valuables are safe from theft.

Carry All Medications

Carry all your medications with the original prescription and packaging. You can also carry a letter explaining the generic names of the medications with their corresponding dosage.

Keep Digital Copies of Vital Documents

A passport is one of the most important documents you carry while traveling. Accidentally if you end up losing your passport, the digital copy will help you get a replacement faster and easier.

Play Safe with Your Money

It is never a good idea to carry bundles of cash when traveling. Instead, use local ATMs by opening an account with an international credit card company or bank. In case you are withdrawing large sums of money at once, don’t carry it around with you. Keep the bulk amount in a safe locker and only carry the amount you need. Also, it is safer not to keep all of your money in one place.

Whether you are going on a quick jaunt or a long holiday, choosing the right carry on essentials might seem like an overwhelming task even if you are a globetrotter. It is necessary to have a list of travel essentials that you need to pack for your vacation. The above-mentioned list will serve as a great tool in telling you what exactly you need to pack.