How to defrost an upright freezer with Best Upright Freezer Step-By-Step Buying Guide

How to defrost an upright freezer with Best Upright Freezer Step-By-Step Buying Guide

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Before going through Best Upright Freezer reviews, We will talk about some important topics about the upright freezer. If you are familiar with all the topics and want to skip the information guide, Go directly to the Upright Freezer review below.

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How to Defrost an Upright Freezer

You are on this page because you were wondering about how to defrost an upright freezer. Defrosting a freezer or fridge isn’t fun, but it is important. Ice buildup doesn’t only take space, but every 2 millimeters of buildup increases the energy consumption by about 10%. In other words, it’s wise not to postpone defrosting for too long .That’s why I’ve listed this step-by-step guide, I hope these tips will help you defrost your upright freezer.

I hope you will find it useful, in case you have any queries at any point in the guide, leave a comment and I will do my best to help you out.

Now, let’s come to the point.

Why Frost builds up in the Freezer

First off, before we move on to defrosting it, It is important for you to know why it actually happens. Because as always, to solve a problem, we must know about its cause first.

Here is why it happens:

You know we open our freezer multiple times in a day. And outside, our environment temperature, it is not as cool as the inside of a freezer. So, when we open it, warm air enters our freezer.

Because of the low and cool temperature of freezer, it freezes up the moisture in air resulting in frost on the freezer floor and walls.

So, one reason for frost to build up is when we open it multiple times in a day.

The second reason is when we put inside a non-freeze item in the freezer. Or in worse scenario, if we put a very hot delicious custard in the freezer, it can cause frosting as well. Here, by hot I mean food or anything that is “steaming-hot”.(Yes, there are examples where some people do that too!)

How it can be solved?

It is simple!

All you need to do is just a little bit of care. Just don’t open your freezer a lot of times. Open it only when needed – that’s it.

And make sure if you are putting food inside, it should not be hot!

After all, even if you do all these things, frost can still be there just after a while. It is a natural process and we can’t just stop it.

And most of the people use an upright freezer and face such issues, so this is why we should know how to defrost an upright freezer. It is important to defrost it atleast once in a year for using it for long-term.

Now, let’s talk about our main guide.

How to Defrost an Upright Freezer?

There are multiple and different solutions depending on the freezer.

There is a chance that you have a freezer that offers its own functionality to defrost it. And maybe you need to do it all manually.

While most freezers can be defrosted manually, but as I mentioned some companies also make freezers with this feature. Danby is one of those. They offer freezers with a defrost drain.

Below is the step by step by step guide as you wanted to know how to defrost an upright freezer.

Guide to Defrost an Upright Freezer

Step 1: Check if it really needs defrosting?

First off, check how much thick is the frost. If it is more than half of an inch, or quarter or an inch, then it is perfect time to defrost it.

How to defrost an upright freezer
Defrosting manually

Step 2: Important steps

Follow the following small yet very important steps:

  1. Unplug your freezer
  2. Take it to Outside
  3. Remove the drain plug of your freezer
  4. Normally it is at the bottom. Also, not all freezers have it. So, don’t worry if you can’t find.

Step 3: Defrosting process

Open the doors of your freezer and let it go!

It will start defrosting itself. I hope you are not in hurry. Nature will save the time and effort of you.

It may take up to 4 hours.

Final Step: Drying and Cleaning the Freezer interior

You can use a towel or even a kitchen sponge to clean your freezer and then dry it. It is the best method.

cleaning manually
  1. Then you can draw out the shelves and wash them.
  2. Use a thick towel to clean the inner surfaces of the freezer.
  3. Mix vinegar and water, make a spray, and spray freezer surfaces.

That’s it!

Now, you have easily defrosted your freezer and I hope this guide on how to defrost an upright freezer helped you.

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How Long do Upright Freezers Last – When to Replace?

If you are using a freezer for several years, you might be asking this question to yourself. Or you want to know how long do upright freezers last so you can replace it when needed.

In this article, I will tell you how you can be aware of your freezer if it has become old enough to be replaced or not.

So, Let’s start without wasting time.

How long do upright freezers last?

The answer depends upon many factors like which brand you are using, the technology being used, current condition, and how it has been being used before.

In general, most freezers can last up to 10 or 13 years.

However, many people also claim that their freezer has lasted for more than 20 years. So, one can’t give any obvious answer to the question.

When to replace Upright Freezer?

When the age of a freezer is over, we need to replace it. But do you know it is the right time to replace it?

One of the things that you can consider to make your decision is if your freezer makes odd sounds while running, then definitely it needs to be repaired.

At least, once in a year, you should get your freezer tuned and repaired for its proper functioning.

Another reason that can make you buy a new one is if the repairing cost is more than buying a new one, it is the best time to purchase the new one.

Below I am mentioning some factors that can affect the life of a freezer:

Improper use of Freezer

If you have been using your freezer in improper ways, then of course it will reduce the life of your freezer. You should follow the user manual and recommendations provided by your freezer provider or company that makes it.

They don’t just say it – there is a proper research and results reports behind making such recommendations.

So, if they recommend you to not do a specific thing to your freezer. Just avoid it.

As we all know, Prevention is the biggest cure for any problem.

Dust and Unclean Freezer

If you just use your freezer and don’t clean it in a given interval or recommended period of time, then it will lose its life just quickly.

So, better to clean it properly and when needed. Make a schedule and clean it at least once in a year – that’s the best time period.

Here you can see how to defrost a freezer if you are facing this problem.

Energy Usage and Other Factors

It may happen that your freezer starts using more energy than before. However, even if it doesn’t use more energy but delivers less efficient service than before, then it is getting older.

So, less efficiency and more power usage means you either need to get it tuned or replaced with a new one.

Also, note that you should use a freezer that is energy efficient. There are companies that are offering very energy-efficient freezers to those who are looking for it.

Final Word

If your freezer is older than 1999 or was manufactured before 1993, then you should replace your freezer. Because the freezers that were made back in that time, are not energy efficient. Now, we have advanced technology and more efficient freezers.

I hope now you know how long do upright freezers last. If you have any suggestions, please comment down below if I missed something.

Can You Transport an Upright Freezer on its Side? – Answer

Maybe you bought a new upright freezer or you are just shifting to a new home. If you want to know can you transport an upright freezer on its side or not, then I will answer in this guide.

However, if you are in a hurry, then a straight answer is NO! You Should NOT do this!

For more details, please read further about the reasons why you can’t and shouldn’t do this.

When replacing a freezer, It is very important that you follow the instructions below :

Precautions of transporting an upright freezer

Whether it is an upright freezer or another appliance, you should always follow the recommended (original position) of the appliance.

Below are the steps you should always care for when transporting an upright freezer:

  1. Make sure that you have disconnected your freezer from the switch. Pull out the power cord so you are safe to handle this and from electric shocks as well.
  2. After you have cut down the electric connection of the freezer, remove all the items from your freezer if there is anything inside. So, if you have any food in it, remove it from there.
  3. After you remove all of your items from the freezer, check if frost is there. If it is, then it is very important for you to defrost it before transporting.

Conditions where you can place it on side

If placing the freezer in an upright position is not possible in your scenario, then you can place it on its side.

BUT make sure that you lay it down on the compressor side of the unit. Be careful that the door shouldn’t open while transporting. It may give birth to more issues otherwise.

When you have transported the freezer, make sure to set it on its original upright position for the same amount of time that it was on its side.

And do NOT plug it into the electricity right after transportation. Wait for this settling time – it is important.

However, if the upright freezer was transported to you in an upright position, then you don’t need to wait for settling time – enjoy.

Also, if the transportation time was more than 24 hours, or maybe it took 2 days on its side position before reaching the destination, then just set it in an upright position for a maximum of 24 hours.

Why is it Not Good to lay an upright freezer on its side?

The most important thing in a freezer is its compressor. And if you lay your freezer on the side position, this can harm its compressor which can later be a big problem for you.

If it is harmed, then you will need to take it back for repairs which can lead to more problems during transportation. A harmed compressor can keep your freezer from doing its job and solving your problems.

Did you know that compressor is filled with an oil that is held in place with the help of gravity? So, when it is on side, this can just relocate and lose its position. That is why it is recommend for an upright position, if that’s not possible, then lay it down on the side of its compressor. And when reached the destination, make sure to set it in upright position for the same amount of time for which it was set on its side.


I hope this guide helped you. To recall what is best, below I have straight answers:

  1. No, don’t lay it down on side.
  2. If it is not possible, then lay it down on the side of its compressor.

That’s all. Do you think it was helpful, leave a comment below so we can keep making quality content.

Best Frost Free Upright Freezers – Latest 2020

Are you worried because of the frost in your freezer? It takes a lot of time to get rid of that. But did you know that there are frost-free freezers as well? In this post, I’m going to mention one out of many Best Frost Free Upright Freezers so you should be free from worries.

If you are in a hurry, then just go for Danby DFF100C2WDD as it is the best frost-free upright freezer for you.

Want to learn more about its features? Keep reading.

Danby DFF100C2WDD – Best Frost Free Upright Freezer

Danby is a company that builds appliances for your ease. Their description says that they just build appliances that fit to your space and follow your desires. They specialize in Refrigerators or freezers.

Danby DFF100C2WDD is one of their masterpieces.

Features of Danby DFF100C2WDD

Frost-Free: This is the no. of feature in our list for this upright freezer. This is what it makes it super comfortable and gives you the ease of use. It features an incredible self-defrosting capability that will save your time and effort. So, you will never have to manually defrost your freezer.

Smart Reversible Door Hinge System: Another incredible feature that makes this a very unique freezer is its smart reversible door hinge system. It means that you can open it either with your left hand or right hand. How amazing is that?

Certified by Energy Star: This freezer is certified by Energy Star which is a program that U.S Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy runs. This program promotes energy and has certified this Best Frost Free Upright Freezer. It is a Big Win!

Made with Steel: The material used to make this freezer is Steel and the Door is also made up of Steel. This gives this freezer good durability resulting in long-term use.


The freezer weighs over 130 pounds and has a capacity of 9.9 cubic feet. It uses 120 volts voltage.

This freezer is a mid-size freezer with a height of five feet and width of two feet.

This makes it perfect for places like Condominiums, Wet Bars, Office Lunchrooms, and Apartments.

One another great advantage is its Heat less LED. This freezer features a heat-less LED that does nothing except enlightening the inside of freezer for you. So, you are ensured to get the highest level of cooling that it has to offer.

  • Self Defrosting
  • Smart Reversible Door Hinge
  • Very Durable
  • Features Heatless LED
  • EnergyStar Certified
  • High Price
  • Extra Cost if you need Expert Installation
  • Only Available in White

Included Services

They will help you to unhook and remove away your old freezer. They will provide you if there will be any need of any part for installation purposes.

Additional Benefits

Below are some of the additional benefits that you get along with it:

Space Organization

Being a very useful appliance having many benefits, another benefit that comes to its account is that it delivers an ease of space organization. It has a sizable crisper drawer and adjustable shelving. It doesn’t stop here and also has CanStor beverage dispenser.

Energy Efficient

This Danby freezer that is certified by EnergyStar operates at only 297 KWH/year. This makes it much energy efficient and is a big win for the product. Also, being certified from the USEPA Agency makes it trustworthy.

This is yet another reason that makes this freezer one of the Best Frost Free Upright Freezers.


When it comes to durability, material matters a lot. Its door and itself is made up of Steel which claims its durability. Also, don’t think that having adjustable shelving will make it not durable – it is very durable.


It is an elite model of Danby and it gives you a handy in-home service, 18-months parts as well as labor warranty. So, you are in safe hands and can be free from worries.

LED Display & Controls

Danby DFF100C2WDD features a very easy control system that includes an LED display as well. It will ensure that you don’t end up being confused about how to use this freezer.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Does this require a water line?

No, this doesn’t require any water line. It is a plug-n-play system and you can just start using it once you plug it in.

Is this refrigerator quiet?

Yes, it is very quiet.


So, when you are just looking for the best freezer among the Best Frost Free Upright Freezers, Danby DFF100C2WDD makes your decision perfectly right.

This is the one that you need to have.

I hope you will thank us once you use it and also will recommend it to others.

Best Upright Freezer Deals – [Updated 2020]

Are you looking for the best upright freezer deals on the Internet? If so, we have it.

Internet is full of this and that and many times you end up pinching yourself because some just used trust of yours by recommending fake deals for just making money.

However, its not the case here.

I will only mention what really are the best upright freezer deals.

Keep on reading for knowing.

Deal #1: KUPPET Compact Upright Freezer


  1. KUPPET Compact Upright Freezer – as the name suggests – is a compact freezer.
  2. Its small size makes it a perfect choice for you if you live in a small apartment or need for a small office.
  3. It is portable – its small size gives it just numerous benefits that you can imagine. Portability is amazing and you can just shift it to any other place with ease whenever you want.
  4. Modern and Elegant Design: It is a cubic 1.1 feet freestanding freezer. With a unique and stylish look, it can impress anybody alone.
  5. Reversible Stainless steel door – As many best frost free upright freezers do, this KUPPET Compact Upright Freezer also features a reversible door in cooperation with adjustable horizontal leg design as well as the top hinge cover
  6. It is available in silver color which itself is a beauty and gives it a classy look.

Deal #2: Sunpentown UF-114SS


  1. It is a very popular and commercial unit that can be founded easily in many top class restaurants, hotels as well as resorts. So, you can imagine about its quality.
  2. Sunpentown products are made by keeping the ease of use for user in mind so you will always get a high quality and easy to use product.
  3. Very Affordable Price – When compared to other top class freezers, Sunpentown freezers are one of the most affordable freezers when it comes to price and value. They deliver best and are best priced as well.
  4. The only downside is that the material used in this freezer is Plastic that just don’t make it much durable and strength.
  5. However, plastic complements its beauty to some extent.
  6. It has a removable wire shelf, adjustable thermostat and perfect for limited space.

Deal #3: Whynter CUF-210SS


  1. We included this Deal because it has some of the biggest benefits that come along with it.
  2. It is much reliable because of many reasons. One of those is that the material used for making this freezer is stainless steel. This gives you comfort by making it durable enough.
  3. It has won Amazon’s Choice tag for mini freezer. With a storage volume of 2.1 Cubic Feet and 27.5 inches height, it is a mini freezer.
  4. FREE Amazon Product Support is included in the price when you purchase it. This support includes 90-day support if you need someone to setup it for you. You are covered!

Final Word

These were some of the best upright freezer deals. I hope these will make your day awesome and we have mentioned these three deals after good time spent and research. Let us know in the comments below if you find any deal that should be included in our list. We shall consider for sure.

Best Rated Upright Freezer – Overall Best Freezer

When you want to choose an upright freezer, most people go for the best rated upright freezer. But many just don’t even look at several issues that come with freezers. These may include durability risks, energy usage and features.

In this guide, I will share with you one Best Rated Upright Freezer that will not only save your time and effort but will just make your days awesome.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get started:

Midea WHS-109FW1 – Best Rated Upright Freezer

Media is a company that takes the price by claiming to offer the best upright freezers on the market. Media upright freezer is just one of their masterpieces. With features of Mechanical Temperature setting, low noise, and reversible door, it is just incredible and wins to be in our list of Best Rated Upright Freezer.

Have a look at its great benefits:

  1. Makes Low noise: This great freezer makes little to no noise when compared to other top class upright freezers. Also, many freezers claim to not make noise but when we get them, it turns out that even though they don’t make noise but they make huge vibration sound. It is not in the case of Midea 3.0 freezer. So, this is one of the amazing benefits that you are going to get with Midea 3.0.
  2. Money Saver: Of course, money is very big concern when you want to buy something. It should be affordable enough that you don’t go in debt or out of your budget. Many Best Rated Upright Freezers are just too much costly but this Midea 3.0 freezer is by far has the best price. It is much affordable and you can easily get it without spending much amount. In this scenario, it saves you a lot of money.
  3. Adjustable leg: Not to exaggerate but to inform you that it does have an adjustable leg at an affordable price. You can adjust it according to your needs.
  4. Weighs Less: It not only makes a low noise, saves money but also weighs less. Isn’t it amazing? With a weight of 57.3 pounds, its shipping weight is 66.1 pounds. However, you can find many freezers that don’t even come below 70 pounds. Its less weight allows you to relocate it with ease.
  5. Color Variations: Midea WHS-109FW1 is available in three colors white, stainless steel and black. I personally like the Black one but you can choose any according to your preferences.
  • Weighs Less
  • Energy Star Rated Full 1-Year Warranty
  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Affordable Price
  • Need Water Line
  • Not all Shelves removable.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use it either as a Freezer or as a Refrigerator?

No, you cannot. It is a Freezer.

What is the estimated yearly energy cost for this?

It is an Energy Star rated freezer and estimated 1 year cost for this is $29. And estimated yearly usage of electricity is 240KWH.

Can all the shelves be removed?

No, you cannot remove ALL shelves. Bottom Shelf is a slideout basket but you can remove other shelves easily. Others are removable.


So, if you were looking for a best rated upright freezer, I can be fully confident to recommend you that Midea Upright Freezer is the perfect choice for you.

With benefits like Less weight, EnergyStar rating, color variations, removable shelves, compact pricing, and stainless steel material, this is by far one of the best upright freezer on the market.

Also, for your note, we do proper research and practical experiences before we recommend anything on our blog. So, if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the comments below. It will be much appreciated. Or if you have a freezer in mind that you think should be the best rated upright freezer, let us know.

Best Upright Freezers on the Market – Updated 2020

Are you in search of the best upright freezers on the market? If so, your journey of finding stops here. In this guide, I will mention some of the best freezers that you can find ever.

If you are in a hurry, just go for Whynter CUF-301BK.

Keep reading to find out why we recommended what.

Whynter CUF-301BK – Best Upright Freezer

Wynter is a company known for delivering the best upright freezers on the market. And Whynter CUF-301BK freezer is one of their great products.

It is made perfectly in a way that you can use it in kitchen, office, garage, and even in basements.

Benefits that Come along with Whynter upright freezer

  1. Space Saver: This upright freezer is really a space saver. Because of its compact size, it can be used in the kitchen. You can also use it in your offices or garages. And even it is perfect for use in the Basement. Small size also helps you when you want to relocate it to somewhere.
  2. Adjustable Temperature Control: You can easily adjust its temperature. It features a great round nob for controlling the temperature. So, this way, you can set your own preferred temperature and make its use in your own way.
  3. Quickly Freezing: It also features fast-freezing coil shelves. These coil shelves are designed with 3 condenser coil shelves. It results in providing the direct contact to freeze your desired items quickly. Also, it doesn’t stop there. It even allows the cold air so it will circulate throughout your freezer and you will just enjoy it.
  4. ENERGYSTAR rated: Being EnergyStar rated is itself a benefit. EnergyStar doesn’t give certification to anything that is electrical, it takes note on everything and after these tests, the products are rated. So, this Whynter freezer is an EnergyStar Rated product that will save your Energy. It results in saving you more money per year which you can spend on your desired items.
  5. Reversible Door: This freezer has a reversible door just like some other freezers available out there. This is just another advantage and ease of access that comes with it.
  6. Lock Feature: You can now lock your favorite food items so kids won’t spoil them before you eat them. Or may be you put inside something that needs to be cooled down before tasting, and you will never want anybody else to spoil your delicious recipe. Now, with the lock feature, you can just prevent it.
  7. Compact Design: A compact design is made for this great freezer. Its small size makes it a compact and beautiful freezer which you can use to impress anybody.
  8. Size Variations: This is available in two sizes. 2.1 Cubic Feet and 3.0 Cubic Feet. You are allowed to choose any size you like.
  9. Color Variations: Two colors – black and stainless steel are available. You can always choose the one that you love.
  • Energy Star rated
  • Perfect for storing breast milk, ice cream and frozen food
  • Cylinder lock
  • Stainless steel reversible swing door
  • Powerful R600a compressor
  • Two removable wire shelves
  • Doesn’t have any Defrosting Facility
  • Can’t lay it down on side otherwise will be dysfunctional

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put this freezer on its side to store larger items like a sheet of cake?

If you lay the freezer on its side, the compressor WILL NOT receive any oil and will burn up.

Does this have any Defrosting Capability?

NO, this doesn’t have it. You will need to do manual defrosting.


That’s all for it. We shall update the article and include more freezers when we find the best ones. Remember that we always keep the information provided up-to-date, if you have any recommendations or if you think this guide helped you, leave us a comment to appreciate. I hope you will like our research-based recommendation.

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