Modern Farmhouse Looks & Styling – A Practical Insight

Modern Farmhouse Looks & Styling – A Practical Insight

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Ever wondered how can a house give that unique simplistic yet warmth appearance with minimal efforts and accessories? What makes “ Modern Farmhouse “ Interior Design so unique & compelling? Let us roll into the what, why & how of Modern Farmhouse that can make your house stand out even when you are running low on your precious budget.

So, what are you thinking then? This is the time to ring in changes to your interior design, bring in farmhouse style into your apartments and get a style that is never going to get old. If only, with time it is going to get priceless. So pick yourselves up, brush aside your laziness and get your ideas rolling with us!

Among home decor and interior designing, Modern Farmhouse has gained immense popularity owing to its simple and warm touch. It is amplified by the natural color palettes like grey, cream, & beige that it employs along with characteristic wood & country side textures. A house to all is their comfort zone where anyone wants to feel welcoming & chubby.

Modern Farmhouse gives the house a very personalized touch where minimal accessories play a great role in not allowing it to be an Arts or Crafts arena. Further, it deviates from classical farmhouse look in that it doesn’t cause any cluttered appearance which the latter does in general.

So, what makes a Modern Farmhouse so compelling & attractive? And how can you achieve this amazing interior design? Let us start with how to give living rooms that insight of past yet being in present via a setting that takes you past time & space!

A living room incorporates sofa setting which can be in neutral & organic light colors of cream, grey or beige that oozes comfort. The side tables could give that feeling of love with its vintage & classic countryside style. It needs not to be polished much as Modern Farmhouse setting is all about making things look perfectly imperfect at times. Some tapered off side tables in woodish tinge can glorify that look

modern farmhouse
Farmhouse Style | Image Courtesy

The flooring perfectly complements the amazing look by being in darkish hardwood setting. The overall paint of the living room can be any light color though pure white comes naturally soothing to eyes with brown lightning. A fine piece of wood attached to the ceiling further gives that classic farmhouse look. Often, the sides of the living area are paneled with a woodish tinge if felt necessary. A connection to nature adds the ever needed touch of openness & sophistication. A small money plant or whatever desired can be placed to the side of the living arena or it is quite possible to have garden visible through a glass pane big window.

dining farmhouse

So, what do think of this? No amazing and attractive, really? What a scenery! Look at the hues, the flooring, the flow of lighting, the minimal approach, the rustic looking rug and a unique wall paint combination. All perfectly blended in! What about the dining table? Let us find out peeps!

The dining area serves an essential in modern farmhouse styling as it is an epitome of love & care. The dining table is of brownish texture with comfortable chairs of similar texture. Again, the much used touch it gives, the better it makes you feel comfortable. Nothing needs to be making a feel of antique and precious that it takes away the charm of warmth and welcoming. On the table, a simple open basket can be placed to put in seasonal fruits that further sheds light on the classic farmhouse vibe.

Placed on top of the dining table is place mats. Place-mats had an important place in the classic farmhouse styling and it still retains that importance even in modern farmhouse setting of interior. It needs to be in a lighter shade of dining table. A cream textured place-mats is the best choice to go with a dark brownish dining table. As is the case with rugs, slightly tapered or shredded place-mats, if found, works wonders in the modern farmhouse styling and needs no replacement with newer ones.

table top
Find more Place Mats

Modern Farmhouse look is based on the balance between new and vintage, classic and modern, unique and traditional. Used accessories can be utilized in modern farmhouse design with proper planning and attention to details provided it is properly planned and analyzed beforehand.

Joanna Gaines is an esteemed name when it comes to country side modern farmhouse interior design, her venture is Magnolia Homes where she has described every bit of detail regarding Modern Farmhouse designs.

Let us start with rugs. Rugs are given extreme importance since it very easily can give a modern farmhouse touch to the living room. Through Magnolia Homes, Joanna Gaines feels the rugs need to be a bit rustic with neutral color palettes like cream or light brown shades. The rugs can be slightly tapered or shredded and that adds charm to the modern farmhouse interior style. Just how amazing the rug taken from Magnolia Homes is looking! Joanna Gaines really sets the benchmark as to what Modern Farmhouse design really is. Compelling & attractive!

farmhouse rug
Farmhouse Style Rug | Image Courtesy Amazon

Often, sofa sets are placed in living rooms along with rugs. Sofa sets should have a cream, blue or grayish fabric that just complements the whole modern farmhouse look completely.

Farmhouse sofa 1
Sofa 1 | Image Courtesy
Farmhouse sofa 2
Sofa 2 | Image Courtesy

Cool looking Sofa sets! You are getting inclined towards modern farmhouse styling, not yet? Magnolia Homes is a venture by Joanna Gaines that gives a much needed insight into what modern farmhouse really is! What is this fiasco that had made it ever popular among people of all age. Look at the neutral color palettes and you get the right answer!

Yea, get rid of those mismatched looking red sofa sets you currently have in your apartments. Get in the market, get into making your house, your story!

The sofa set is often selected that contrasts with the wall paint. For example, a blue sofa set looks beautiful & perfect with a cream or grayish looking wall.

While selecting a sofa set, one must consider the natural flow of lighting as well as the volume of the living room. The sofa set must fit into the living room with its sleek & smart looking design. It must not give a sense of cluttered living room. Hence, a sofa set must be selected with proper planning.

An important and noticeable furniture item is accent chair. Accent chairs are much different from the traditional ones since they not only provide comfort but do act as a decoration as well. They are multi purpose chairs. Accent chairs magically complement the wall paint and modern farmhouse

Farmhouse accent chair | Image Courtsy
Farmhouse accent chair | Image Courtesy

looks. Often, they are preferred with cream, beige, grey or bluish shades as they are the soothing colors. Such neutral and light colors are the hallmarks of a modern farmhouse interior design.

Feeling astounded by that grayish accent chair! Yes we are too! Just how amazing and spell binding your color palette selection can make your house look. Notice how it blends into the rug with a beautiful texture and design, the hardwood flooring, the polished looking side table with a live plant. Chills! Add to the scene those amazing looking wall decor arena, the pure white curtains and what not! Look at the charm the throw pillows bring! Lets check that out too!

Farmhouse Throw pillows 1
Farmhouse-Throw pillows | Image Courtesy

A living room is probably incomplete without a side table and a console table. A side table blends in with the accent chair and gives an emotional arousal. Vintage looking side tables are the best ones. A key takeaway is always to give an attention to its details like if its tapered or shredded a touch from its edges, not necessarily does it need to be well polished and well painted.

Farmhouse-Side table
Farmhouse-Side table | Image Courtesy

Farmhouse-Console Table
Farmhouse-Console Table | Image Courtesy

A side table comes up with greenery. Live plants bring in an air of freshness to the ambience. It makes the whole atmosphere soothing to the eyes. Hence, live plants & flowers are preferred to be placed on side tables of accent chair.Sometimes they smart enough to be used as your laptop Desk!

Ok,now where are those eternal flamed lamps? Surprised it has not been touched yet? Well, lamps are probably what makes a bedroom look complete. They need not to be bulky but smart. They need not to diminish the farmhouse cool style but complement. Have a look at one such amazing lamp.

More about Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse Lamps
Farmhouse-Lamps | Image Courtesy

A key aspect in modern farmhouse styling is wall decor. It may include printable like a motivational quote, a beautiful piece of art, a unique looking mirror or may be a chalkboard that brings classic farmhouse vibes into the present era.

farmhouse mirror 1
Farmhouse-Mirror | Image Courtesy

Envision this outstanding mirror hanging by your walls! Make sure whatever you select must be a reflection of you especially when considering wall decor. Remember what Joanna said, “ Home is the most important place. It should tell your story!”. Enough of guiding lines these!

Modern Farmhouse incorporates such amazing printable that can drive the mood of the house. How amazing is the live plant in that sleek & clean design looking! A must have in a small apartment especially as live plants can give an ambience of freshness. This is not the only types of wall decor I must add. Art works like paintings can give a very refreshing touch to the interior design as well.

Farmhouse-Frames | Image Courtesy

The wall decor looks amazing if the wall is not just the traditional one dimensional looking. As has been derived from traditional country side farmhouse design, a ship-lap design is always a go to as far as modern farmhouse decor is concerned. The paneled walls add a multidimensional touch to the rooms and allows the wall decor to bring further impetus to the room with its sleek & smart appearance.

farmhouse shelves
Farmhouse-Wall Decor | Image Courtesy

Even if the walls are not ship-lapped, there are other alternatives to spring life into the interiors. Consider these smart attachments with a wall to hold accessories and place live plants. It neither makes a room feel cluttered nor results in any diminish in modern farmhouse amazing style.

Yes, if the walls are ship-lap designed, perfect. It is an Easter egg for the classic farmhouse interior design. A tribute to the old father. Yet, modern farmhouse welcomes new and refreshing ideas with open arms and minds. So even without ship-lap designs, your house can look modern farmhouse-ques. Chill pill & go for the kill!

As far as bedroom is concerned, a major component is the bed itself. As with the sofa set, the bed must naturally fit in the bedroom, no way it should look like cluttered. A clean & minimal approach needs to be taken in this regard.

Farmhouse Bed
Farmhouse-bedroom | Image Courtesy

The quilts and bed cover must be in compliance with the wall, most probably paneled or ship-lap walls. The texture of the quilts can be as per choice as slight variations like pink or red textures can add the sort of feelings associated with bedroom.

The side table of a bedroom should be giving a minimalist and vintage feeling. Even if it is not well polished, it works well. This is so because it shows how much it is valued and has affections associated with it. The side table may contain a lamp, reminiscent of old times which can be derived a touch to make it look modern. Again, practicality is a must in modern farm house styling and must be taken cared of!

Are we not missing a timepiece? What is a house without a timepiece right? No matter how much technology a man possess, a timepiece remains a throwback to the past, olden and golden times. Memory to many! In a modern farmhouse styling, it can be incorporated as such. See it. Period!

wall clock 1
Farmhouse-Clock | Image Courtesy

A modern farmhouse look provides a soothing and refreshing view to the viewer through its simplicity and sophistication. A bedroom must be constructed through decor in a likewise manner. The wall decor in a bedroom could be galvanized baskets hanging with a wall that contain accessories in a better way than being cluttered and mismanaged.

The ceiling of a bedroom could be done with wood work to add in the extravaganza of classic farmhouse feelings!

A noticeable modern farmhouse look is incomplete without a barn door. Barn doors come in a variety of sizes, colors and working mechanism. A traditional barn door uses a rotation mechanism while a modern barn door utilizes a sliding mechanism for its working. Barn doors provide an amazing touch of classic farmhouse to the interior design though it is argued that is outdated and is too classic to be incorporated into the modern farmhouse scheme of things.

barn door 1
Farmhouse-Barn Door | Image Courtesy

Joanna Gaines once said “ House is personal. It should tell your story” . These words from the leader in modern farmhouse styling should add light into where the design needs to be driven. Modern farmhouse design gives the individual to do the planning as much as possible. It is very much up to the individual to think what works well for their house. Usually, barn doors add a great dimension to the modern farmhouse style.

Magnolia Homes furniture also shows way into what sort of vases need to used that adds on to the attraction of a modern farmhouse look. Live plants are a direct throwback to classic farmhouse styling but with a modern touch, it can be made sophisticated.

In the kitchen arena, modern farmhouse interior setup asks for copper or galvanized pots to store spices and stuff rather than conventional glass jars. This can create a wonderful impact on whoever has a sight of it. The flooring of the kitchen looks pleasing in dark brownish shade of hardwood setting that complements the ever graceful dining table with place-mats on top. Ah, what a sight!

Farmhouse-Utensils | Image Courtesy

What is plan regarding kitchen utensils and crockery? Going with aluminum utensils, please no! That has been so attrition that it needs to be forgotten. Forget it! How about these amazing wooden ones! Sounds cute, smart & adorable! This perfectly complements the modern farmhouse style look. Going with these can be a game changer if you are looking for an amazing modernized classic touch! Vintage!

As far as the curtains are concerned, they must be in a lighter shade of neutral palettes like cream, grey or light brown. It needs not to be in contrast with the wall paint rather complement it well enough so you can talk about it gleefully among your friends!

Farmhouse-Curtain | Image Courtesy

This sounds true not only for the curtains of living and bedrooms but also for shower curtains. A outgoing texture on the shower curtain can be a good addition if done with all the other parameters in sight.

Are we leaving something? You thinking about pillows? Guess what, you are never wrong! Pillows are a source of comfort & peace. They come in wide variety of fabrics like cotton or linen with lots and lots of textures but you got to decide from the cluster what suits your accent chair, your bed, and your sofa set. What works for you may be a complete failure for other home design. Its an immense level of professionalization, they say!

To cut the story short, whatever you choose as your interior design, please choose well! The key takeaways from the above discussion is to opt for Modern Farmhouse interior design. This works pleasingly well for everyone. It has a touch of the past and a sense of present. Its a treat to the sore eyes. Such an organized interior is what motivates to rise up everyday and put in the hard yards and to tame down and get a peaceful time to spend with your family. C’mon, you always wanted this!

Don’t clutter your living rooms and bed rooms with things that serve no purpose beyond temptation. Don’t dare go for the antique stuff without proper planning and without having your rooms in mind! Your room must ooze practicality. Only the accessories that matter need to be placed. Let the furniture designs and planning behind it take center stage.

Modern Farmhouse interior design is a balance between new & old, classics & modern, traditional & industrial. The underlying factor as to why it welcomes such diversity is its neutral color palettes. It complements vintage or rustic stuff with modern sleek designs. Don’t tell me you can’t afford the best of both worlds peeps!

The prevailing COVID-19 has made everyone feel their home brings them comfort. It should if it ain’t already. Modern farmhouse look is the completion of that puzzle. It is not difficult but requires good & solid planning. It is based on letting go of things that serve no purpose beyond temptation to hold them up. Please, organize your house to make it look apart. High time you let your house reflect your true personality.

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