What does the term “kitchen pass” mean?

Kitchen Pass

The “kitchen pass” or just “pass” is the long, flat bench or space between the kitchen and the seating area of the restaurant. It is normally overseen by the executive chef or, in some restaurants, by highly trained wait staff. As the dockets roll in, this person announces them to the other cooks and will plate them up as all the elements are finished being cooked. They will add the finishing touches and garnishes at the pass, the keep them under the heat lamps reader for the waiters to take to the tables.

The following is a definition of  “Kitchen Pass”:

The act of requesting approval from one’s spouse for a day out with the men (e.g., a fishing excursion). There are a few things to keep in mind when requesting for the “Kitchen Pass.”

  1. Before participating in the activity, you must first receive a “Kitchen Pass.” Failure to do so will lead to issues. (For example, her refusal to wear NYMPH! Lingerie from our online store) -Shameless Plug
  2. Kitchen passes are non-transferable and may be cancelled at any time, even if you have participated in an activity that has been previously approved. This is referred to as a “woman’s prerogative.”
  3. Passes are not given away for free. You’ll have to pay for them afterwards in some way. Knowing this ahead of time can help you deal with the fallout more effectively. Shopping visits to places of no interest to males, where one must handle bags and remark on how wonderful the things look on her, are the most common methods of payment.
  4. Just because she responds “Fine!” when you ask for the pass doesn’t imply you can go. “Fine!” is a negative answer in the world of Kitchen Passes. This is referred to as the “yes means no” factor.

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