Better way to build your Classic-Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern Farmhouse Decor

Nowadays, farmhouses carry much more purpose than the old ones,a calm place where you can run to whenever busy city life sucks. Having a cup of coffee on the lush green lawn and spending your days with peace of mind and body is a big relief. In other words, a spot to rejuvenate yourself in a quiet world.

Decorating Such a place and adorning it in a chic style, whether it’s modern or classic, would be an exhilarating experience.

The Classic-Modern Farmhouse Decor style applies modernization of furniture and design with an antique look. The key to achieving this style is keeping the stuff homogenous and balanced.

To acknowledge the real idea of modern-classic farmhouse style, first, let’s take a quick look at classic and modern interior individually.

Classic Farmhouse Styles

If you have a taste of modest and vintage style, classic look is for you. The classical farmhouses have a very simplified look with all the retro elements. This style has stood the test of time.

Some important features:

  • As natural products were abundant and easily available back in the day, this kind of styling consists of lots of wood and timber stuff.
  • Mostly porcelain and fire clay sinks are seen.
  • Reclaimed wood flooring and Barn wood wall decoration can grant an outstanding look to your interior.

Modern Farmhouse Styles

Love your comfy life? As the life is revolutionizing with new technologies, the world is enhancing into a place congenial to our needs.

The Modern Farmhouse Decor style is not much different from the classic style. Yet, it embraces comfort elements with a modern touch. Some characteristics of modern farmhouses that are going to assist you a lot.

  • Mostly, the exterior of farmhouses is painted white with rustic woodwork. Out of all colors, white color breathes new life into your farmhouse.
  • A large glass door would make your farmhouse look spacious and extravagant.
  • These days, light colors are in style. Using light and bright staircase would bestow the latest look.
  • Lots of glass windows symbolize a lavish look and are obviously important to help your place stay airy and get enough sunshine.

Modern Farmhouse Decor look with Antique style

Stuck on how to give your farmhouse a classic-modern look? What are you waiting for? Grab your notebook and start taking notes.

Refresh up your Room!

Wall decor is the foremost thing to get noticed. So making it more captivating will surely improve your first impression. If you’re looking for the easiest way to add fun to your room, you can count on light colors. Iced cube silver paint will make your space look bigger. The rustic wall decoration would look charismatic in your living room.

Walk on wood!

Use classical designing for your floor and you already know woodwork is the specification of classic farmhouses. Wide plank oak flooring will be a perfect idea to give your farmhouse a nice cozy look.

A vintage touch with a metal or wood framework bed to any bedroom will be simply amazing. Apron sinks define a farm style best! Design your kitchen with a white fire clay apron sink. It’s worth it!


Done with furnishing. Now its decoration time! Start with floors. Rugs can be treated as art. Adorn your floors with big fur-white rugs. Style your empty fireplace into an artistic showcase,add candles, lamps or books.Last but not the least, chandeliers,lamps and lanterns give an aesthetic touch. Invest in a good number of lamps for your bedside, house corners, and floors.

Create a Snazzy Look!

Following above mentioned tips, you can give your farmhouse a new life with a nostalgic touch. Modern-Classic design passes an innovative and extraordinary look to your farmhouse.

Hanging Shelves

Organize your classic books and display modern small plants on these rustic wall hanging shelves for giving a perfect modern-classic touch.


Antique look always comes with chandeliers. After all, warm lights best fit a cozy farmhouse.

Ladder Bookcase

A modish ladder bookcase will save up your space rather than heavy wooden racks previously used to organize our stuff.

Buffet Cabinet

A buffet cabinet or a sideboard cannot only be used to store your dinnerware or table linens but also to elegantly display your crockery collection.

Vanity Mirror

Increase the elegance of your bathroom by placing this Vanity Mirror on your shelves.

Add class to side one’s too !!

Decor your hall with classic well-organized side tables.

Attractive and Antique

Leather and wood couches grant a perfect ancient look to your drawing room.

Cocktail Coffee table

Place this coffee table in your living room for a light and old touch.

Don’t Jumble Up!

Remember, you want to create a cozy, not cluttered, room, so keep accessories to a minimum. Also, modern or industrial elements help make farmhouse style current. So, why not take advantage of these aesthetic elements and have a memorable vacation at your farmhouse?