Let’s Find out some Simple Garden Bench ideas

Let’s Find out some Simple Garden Bench ideas

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Finding Simple Garden Bench ideas doesn’t have to be tricky. Garden benches are always associated with some appealing recalls. It should make you feel at home with full of inner peace and the making of it must be comfortable enough for an outdoor bench and practical at the same time.

Selecting a right Garden bench is an art. Benches that are well placed can change your view and mood. Sitting on a bench with a good view can cheer your mood. Admittedly, Garden benches are placed at the focal points to draw attention of people.

Garden benches are a pivotal element of the garden and no one can think of an awe-inspiring garden without garden benches. In my humble opinion, after going through this article of 5 simple garden bench ideas, your mind will click you to ponder about having an adorable garden bench in your garden. I am enlisting the top 5 aesthetic and versatile outdoor benches for your garden and for your convenience.

  1. Custom Table Kit by 2×4 Basics
  2. Belleze`s antique rose style, aluminum seat bench.
  3. Flip top bench by 2×4 basics.
  4. Patio garden bench, table bench.
  5. 3 piece folding bench & table set by office star.

Custom table kit by 2×4 basics.

You can customize this custom table kit according to your desire. This love seat is very easy to assemble even a women can assemble it in no time. You can customize the space according to your need up to 8 feet which makes it very spacious.

This kit is a must add thing in your outdoor furniture and it is budget-friendly. The other incredible factor of this garden bench is that it there is no need of angle cuts while assembling it and the tools that you need to use are wrench, saw and a screwdriver. Its style is adorable and design is sturdy enough to provide full support. This kit is hot selling on amazon and contains amazon’s choice badge as well.

Key features

Listing out some key features for the better understanding.

  1. Dimensions: 31.8x30x8 inches
  2. Color: Sand
  3. Manufacturer: 2×4 Basics Manufacturing
  4. Item weight: .2 ounces
  5. Brand: 2×4 basic
  • Lifetime use, Durable.
  • Very spacious.
  • Powerful support structure.
  • Customizable
  • Needs more support sometimes

You can find this item of your interest easily at Amazon. For your further ease, the link is attached below so you can check it out and avail anytime, anywhere.

Belleze`s antique rose style, aluminum seat bench

The vintage antique rose style love seat will remind you of the Victorian era, lemonade social and parasols. The interwoven pattern of leaves rose and branches really adorn flared legs and curved seatback. This cozy settee for 2 to 3 adults consists of flared legs to provide proper stability. The weight of this overall product is just 30 pounds. Suitable for a cottage garden.

This garden bench is very easy to assemble as you are given the instructions and numbers are mentioned on the parts. You can add a touch of mesmerizing style to your garden by placing this antique rose style garden bench in your yard setting. Besides enhancing the beauty of your garden, it provides optimal support as well.

The major plus point of this garden bench is that It doesn’t let the rain water stay on it. Due to its unique pattern and style, it sheds water as soon as water drops reaches the surface of it.

Key Features

  1. Material: Aluminum and cast iron
  2. Weight: 30 pounds
  3. Style: Vintage
  4. Weight capacity: 330 pound
  5. Models: Bronze, White and Green
  6. Assembly: Required.

No doubt this cast iron product is lightweight but it is extremely durable. A sturdy yet durable antique-looking garden bench is a perfect fit for a cottage garden. The entire seat is made of iron to increase durability.

  • Very Easy to change its place or move anywhere
  • The structure of legs is flared for stability purpose
  • Can be hot in direct sunlight due to high temperature

If this product seems interesting to you then can visit amazon for further description of this item. The link is mentioned below so you don’t have to search a lot to find it.

Flip Top Bench by 2×4 Basics

This unique style gives us a slide lock feature which let us convert this garden bench into table which enhances the comfort and let us enjoy 2 products in 1.

This amazing love seat is 2 in 1 and let us convert it into bench or table according to our requirements. Style is a blend of appealing design and heavy structural gauge resin. So now you don’t have to buy garden bench and table separately. Its space saver and gentle on your pocket by offering two features/functions in a single item. This magical settee contains amazon choice badge and a hot selling product over there.

Key features

  1. Material: Wood
  2. Manufacturer: Hopkins
  3. Color: Sand
  4. Design: 2 in 1 item modern design
  5. Capacity: 3 Persons (approximately weighing 600 pounds)
  6. Dimensions: 28.25×6×25.5(L×W×H)
  7. Weight: Approx. 13 pounds
  8. Assembly: Do it yourself
  9. Warranty: 2 years

These benches are made of wood and maintain a natural fragrance that serves a relaxing and calming sound to the soul and feed our innate instincts.

  • Best elegant hybrid design
  • Gentle on your pocket
  • Best for having comfort zone in the garden
  • Long lasting and high durability
  • Sound framework
  • Must be kept in a dry place( being wet can damage this wooden bench)
  • Being made from wood it is not either weather resistant or insect resistant


Oils can serve a purpose of protection for this bench, in order to maintain its structure. Storing this bench under some shade or indoors also is a good idea in this regard.
You can simply click on the link below to visit the detailed description of this product on amazon.

Patio garden bench, table bench.

This unique bench contains a hidden table in it. The built in hidden center table can be used for drinks, chess, books, and snacks. You can use the hidden table accordingly. This bench is a very comfortable seat for 3 individuals. Hand rest and radian design are designed to properly fit the body curve.

You can place this beautiful garden bench with hidden center table in your yard or porch. But it’s better to place it where the view is pretty nice and you can enjoy coffee or books with friends. It would be a beautiful yet useful addition to your outdoor furniture as you can spare a very lovely space to invite your friends and enjoy with them with the help of this beautiful garden bench. The steel used in the manufacturing is powder coated that makes it anti rust. The weight capacity of this garden bench with center table is approximately 500lbs. very relaxing and safe bench.

Finishing is done properly and there is no raw drips or cuts. Non slip nuts are used to maintain the sturdy connection. Very durable because you have to assemble it only once and it will last a lifetime. Assembly process is really very simple that only one person can do it. The screws and nuts are provided with the package with the instruction list. According to the instruction list it can be assembled within 10 minutes.

Key Features:

  1. Material used: Steel, Iron, Metal
  2. Dimension: 59.05 x 23.62 x 31.5 inches
  3. Color: Black
  4. Weight of the item: 37. 48 pounds
  • Safe screws for protection
  • Fine and smooth finishing
  • Durable, lasts lifetime
  • Sturdy chair connections
  • Temperature of steel may rise in direct sunlight.

This comfortable and unique garden bench is available on amazon so feel free to check out the detailed description about it any time. The link is provided below.

3 Piece folding bench & table set by office star.

Multi-functional rocking love seat with impact resistant and waterproof features. Comfortable and heavy duty seats for indoor and outdoor events. The wow factor is that you can fold it and its legs will tuck inside to make it flat and save your space. The powder coated frames are used on the surfaces of this garden bench and indoor bench and the rubber caps are used at ends for the protection of floor.

The material of the settee is impact resistant, water resistant, and quick drying that makes your summer garden experiences very fantastic. The frame of this garden bench is very durable and sturdy. There is plenty of space that is comfortable for 5 to 6 individuals. This garden bench is ideal for your office, yard, porch, garden or many other different places where it seems comfortable to you according to your space. This item is among selling on amazon and contains amazon’s choice badge over there.

Key Features:

  1. Color: Grey
  2. Item: Bench and table set
  3. Item Weight: 65 pounds
  4. Dimensions: 30x72x29.25 inches
  • Innovative structure and design
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Long lasting
  • Weather resistant
  • Re painting may be required.

If this product catches your interest you can find it through the link below without having to search on internet.

Final words to wrap it up

Your garden bench reflects your personality and style. You can place your desired bench where you can relax and read. Outdoor lightening can enhance your night-time and let you enjoy the spectacular show in the yard. Surrounding your garden bench with pretty nice flower pots would be a great idea. Don’t forget to position your garden bench where you can soak the warm of sun rays and enjoy your breakfast in the sun to have a cheerful day.

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