Top 10 Kitchen Items You Wish To Have Known Earlier

Kitchen Items

Don’t tell me you are not a steak lover? If you have made a steak, you probably know it well how it feels to have it under-cooked. Its abysmal right. The #1 Best Seller, Habor’s The Instant Read thermometer is highly reliable that removes any guessing errors, provides results within 1°C of error, in an instant of 4-6 seconds.

Your best meat flavor resides in its perfect cook time & temperature. The digital thermometer allows it to be just that, neither under-cooked nor overcooked.

Thinking of its versatility? It can detect & tell the core temp of meat; perfect for huge turkey, chicken, bread making, jam making, chocolate making, barbecue, hot water, hot milk, and even bath water. Speechless, right now? It is bound to make!

Its super long probe to keep you safe from burning and easy to use design with a temperature range that covers almost all types of cooking makes it your go to tool for instant reading of temperatures! A must have kitchen item that can be your help in becoming a MasterChef!

Ever felt the urge to make ice creams & frozen yogurts in your home itself? You & your friends deserve a treat and this Cuisinart’s Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Maker is the best tool to make your dreams come true. In under 20 minutes, enjoy the ravishing ice creams and creamy frozen yogurt in a much less price now!

frozen yougart icecream maker

Its assemblage is helluva easier and the double insulation of its freezer bowl allows no requirement of ice itself. Unique paddle designs & large capacity of 1 to 1.5 Quarts forces us to mention it in one of the must have kitchen items!

That’s not all! There is a 3 year warranty to go by it! Enough said.

3. Multi-functional Whisk Wiper

If you are fond of baking, you must be aware of how much perfection matters. Whisking, however, can be the headache provider in terms of the mess it creates. Well, not anymore for Multi-functional Whisk Wiper wipes off any batter stuck with whisker. It cleans the loops and minimizes wastage.

Whisk Wiper

It can also be handy to clean the mixing bowls & containers and is an ultimate tool to have during baking. Why we say so? Its highly durable one fit all sort of wiper that surely is easy to clean & rejoice. Now, baking becomes fun!

Though its highly durable, but exposing to heat is not a good option for this whisk wiper. Further, hand wash is highly recommended to elongate its durability. This is very strong, highly affordable, & a perfect gift to your baking friends! Don’t wait now! Make your friends & yourself a happy chappy fella!

4. AeroGarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden

The food you cook & the food you buy has one telling difference. What! Yes, you heard it right. It is the taste! Good cooks make use of fresh herbs too often than others. Don’t believe us? Check Gordon Ramsey’s dishes and you’ll be amazed at how fresh herbs make all the difference!

The AeroGarden Harvest 360 Indoor Hydroponic Garden is soil free or dare I say, mess free. It comes with a kit having seeds of six herbs namely Genovese Basil, Curly Parsley, Dill, Thyme, Thai Basil and Mint. A 3 oz bottle full of plant essential nutrients can be utilized for a whole God damn season!

Another remarkable aspect is all the herbs can be grown at the 7same time. Thus, its full of variety, freshness, & availability in all seasons.

Its easy to use, automatic control panel tells when to add water, when to add plant nutrients, & itself turns on or off the LED plants growing spectrum to allow maximum synthesis & growth of plants. You wish you had known of this essential kitchen item before! Didn’t you?

Now make use of the most fresh herbs ever in your home and add another level of taste to your delicious meals that surely will leave you, your friends, & everyone asking for more!

5. Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer

This all stainless steel oil sprayer is a great tool to make your dressings come lively with uniform mist all over it. It is your go to item in convenience to avoid any mess. It is a lot affordable and given that its durable with refilling characteristics, it sure will make dressing easier, affordable, & environmental friendly. Wait, what?

Misto Brushed Aluminum Oil Sprayer

Environmental friendly? How? Well, it doesn’t use any chemicals & propellants( unless you fill it yourself xD) and thus, doesn’t add up to any pollution scenario. Its refilling ensures the usage of the same sprayer for a lot longer than typical sprays, hence no need to throw out the cans & sprays once finished. Just refill it and you are great to start all over again!

It makes use of a simple 2 step working mechanism where firstly, you pump the sprayer and then you press the valve for a uniform mist to come out of pressurized sprayer. Even your kid can do it without any mess? C’mon what more do you want! A certain item in any kitchen it must be said.

Making muffins, waffles, pan cakes, & cupcakes is made child’s play with this completely environmental friendly KPKitchen’s Pancake & Cupcake Batter Dispenser! This 4 cup capacity dispenser allows pancakes batter to be made one after the other.

KPKitchen Pancake & Cupcake Batter Dispenser

Its unique handle allows for little stress on the hand and wide opening along with safety valve literally stops any mess that usually is a norm in pancake’s batter making.

You want your child to help you in kitchen chores & learn? You feel how it can be done though! This tool is so simplistic that it can be operated by your child. Hands down!

And yes, it comes with a bonus eBook on pancake & cupcake recipes! Warranty? Yes that’s for your lifetime! Didn’t like it? Complete money back guarantee! This is the real deal buds! A seriously cool kitchen item to have!

7. Dexas Over the Sink Strainer Board

You still not tired of cutting & washing of fruits & vegetables that create a whole lot of mess? We definitely feel you are! Here we present one of its kind, Dexas Over The Sink Strainer Board that comes with a removable strainer to be used separately as a colander. It is durable yet flexible so can be stored without much attention to required spacing!

Dexas Over the Sink Strainer Board

The edges of the board are a little lifted to ensure no mess is created through spillage of juices. Slight lifting keeps the juices at the center. Mess friendly! Its rubber edges allow for secure settling without any movement & slips while cutting & chopping. Perfectly secure to use for all!

Now cutting, chopping, & washing of fruits and vegetables is made human-friendly using this must try Strainer board!

8. Trudeau Flex Pot Clip

Messy countertops have been a common sighting in any kitchen, isn’t it? The bigger question however, is how to get rid of it? What better solution than Trudeau Flew Pot Clip. This is a one fit all pot clip, made up of silicon & stainless steel, to ensure your countertops are highly tidy and your spoons don’t come into contact with contaminated surfaces.

Trudeau Flex Pot Clip

It is highly affordable, a complete money valued product that can be a perfect gift for your mom or friends or neighbors! You sure can spread smiles & happiness with this amazingly cool kitchen item. Another must have in any serious cooking workplace!

You fearful of whether it can bear the high temperatures of the pot or not? Well, proud to add that yes, it is highly heat resistant up to 482°F. What else? O yes, completely dishwasher safe to go by with all the other features! Its a highly reviewed & featured product in Amazon for a reason then!

9. Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Dollar Pancake Pan

This is your go to pan for making 7 pancakes at the same time in a perfect shape so you can keep your head high among your friends and kids! This heavy warp-resistant aluminum pan allows for all sorts of pancake recipes to be made. It is better to hand wash it mildly to allow it be used for longer tenure. Made in USA, it is a must have pancake making item in your kitchen. You’ll love it is our bet!

Nordic Ware Scandinavian Silver Dollar Pancake Pan

Since it allows making 7 pancakes at the same time, one might question what if it overcooks some or under-cooks some? Valid question it must be said! Well done! This product however, has its answer as well. Its warp-resistant cast aluminum assemblage allows for even heating and thus all the pancakes being made at the same time will be cooked evenly. A perfect Pancake Pan!

It is highly rated & reviewed product for a simple reason that its best of its kind! We feel it is, those people out there feel it is, you too will surely!

If adding a little fun while making pancakes is your mantra, this pan comes up in various designs adding cartoon effects, smiley faces, & other seasonal designs that sure will leave your kids amazed to the core! Beware though, your kids may ask you for more & more ! Hence, on your own peril xD.

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10. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer

If ever in your mind comes this idea of keeping your kitchen minimalist looking, sleek in its appearance, & never messy, we suggest you must have this Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer!

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain Strainer

This is extremely versatile in facilitating the above mentioned idea! It clips on almost all sorts of pots, bowls, & containers. It occupies only quarter of a space than a traditional colander or strainer. It allows straining while being on the same pot. Yes you heard it very well! Less pots & bowls used is less mess created! Idea accomplished, not now? It comes with a 1 year Warranty so any problem & you can have it corrected! Now, surely it is!

The above mentioned products are all designed to make your kitchen work in a super cool way! Many people consider it to be essentials in any kitchen as is evident from the sales & affirmative reviews these products keep churning out!

Why is it so? For some very obvious reasons, they provide people with the most desired of all activities in a kitchen! They provide ease in doing kitchen chores, now they don’t seem to be tedious as before. The products are in a reasonable price relative to the value it adds to the life in a kitchen!

So, we say its high time you save your money, your health, and your peace in the best possible way! These products have done it to so many people, we bet it can be highly valued for you too!

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