What is The Best Home Theater System

What is the best Home Theater System

The Handy Cheat-Sheet for Buying a Home Theater

When finding the best sound system, you have to keep in mind that home theaters are there to provide you with the best listening experience that your regular TV speakers cannot. Therefore, you must have to choose the one that can provide you with the optimum results. Consider these easy tips for finding your right fit.

A great home theater consists of speakers, amplifiers, and sub woofers, but remember, speakers play the most vital role in producing superior sound. So, be sure about the specific speaker you are searching for. If you want a richer, vibrant sound, then go with the wooden box. Otherwise, you can select plastic options alternatively. Also, give special attention to the holding of the speakers, whether you want to mount them on the wall or place it on the floor.

Regardless of listening to music, playing games, or watching something on TV, we always want such type of sound system that can make us feel that we are absolutely in the filed or living the very moment. Thus, we need to make sure which types of surround systems we want. Various types of sound systems such as 5.1 or 7.1 channels are available. They usually consist of one large woofer and 5 or 7 speakers, respectively. If you are looking for a decent experience, then 5.1 channel surround sound can be apt for you, but when you are looking for a dynamic spatial surround sound, you must go with best 7.1 home theater system.

These days we continuously stay online, and the majority of the stuff we are consuming is from the web from different devices. In 2021, connectivity has become a major point consideration when buying a new multimedia device. We are constantly switching devices and using numerous services, from binge-watching our favorite TV shows on the OTT platforms to listing songs on streaming apps.

Make sure that your new home theater must have all the latest connectivity features to seamlessly blend in with your ecosystems and be a great team player. Before selecting the device, make sure it has built-in Bluetooth, USB, Wi-Fi, NFC, and HDMI port so that you can connect with each and every device you own.

Power Supply

When we measure the output of the amplifier, we call it watts. To get the best sound experience, you must have the proper speaker that is suitable for you. Say, for instance, you have a large living room, and you end up buying a sound system that delivers a low wattage. In this case, you will not get the near-flawless listening experience even if it is a good system. You must have a powerful home theater that can provide you with a thrilling quality of music. When buying the system, make sure that you get at least 100 watts, and the speakers have a rating of 6 or 8 Ohms.

Fixing Budget

Whether you are buying a new car or a home theater, setting an accurate budget is a must need. So, you need to get a hold of the amount that you are willing to pay. Then consider your options and check whether they can fulfill all the needs. If not, you may consider stretching your budget a little. Even if you end up buying a cheap sound system that delivers an underwhelming performance and at all not suitable for you, then it will be a complete waste of money. So, think twice before you buy.

The Adequate Space

Space is everything; yes, the phrase becomes a genuine, relevant factor for selecting the best home entertainment system. You may have now fixed your budget, choose the type of system you want, but have you considered the place where you are going to install it? It is one of the things that we often forget to notice and then make an irrational purchase. Even if you end up buying a great system, it will not give you the best-in-class experience unless you properly install it. Think about your room size and the TV positioning, then select the one that can you can mount properly at your place.

Other Considerations

Apart from these considerations, you must also pay close attention to the built quality, sound processing system, (Dolby Atmos, DTS) function keys, and remote controller. Also, do not forget to check the inbox contains. If you are opting for a wired connection, make sure the system includes enough cable length to cover the entire room.

This quick and easy guideline can help you in the best purchase. Now let’s look up some of the best home theaters out there in the market, shall we?

The first name on our list is Onkyo. If you are among the people who are looking for a system that can give you the best sound quality in a decent price range, then this piece would not let you down. This 5.1 channel can give you the true surround effect as well as crystal clear pitch.

Why Do People Love It?

All in One HDMI Port

HDMI ports are now the top connectivity option when we are looking for installing any new sets of entertainment systems. From TV to gaming console, all the devices interlink with each other via HDMI cables. This system has the latest HDMI ports in it so that you can connect your TV with it at the time of watching your favorite TV shows.

On the other hand, when you are playing the most action-packed games, you can simultaneously add the TV, your gaming console, and this home theater all at the same time. This system also features the Audio Return Channels (ARC) that can even help you more to connect all your devices together. And the best part, you can channel all the cables in a single passage so that your system looks neat, clean, and tangle-free.

Surround Sound

This audio system includes all the new audio decoding technologies such as DTS and Dolby audio. Dolby audio is the most common audio format for all the high-end content we watch on our TV. When the content is recorded in Dolby format, you can enjoy a richer surround sound that can give you the feeling that you are in the theater.

Another audio decoder is DTS that also helps you get the most accurate sound in music playback. Thankfully this device supports both of them. So, no matter what type of stuff you are listing, you can always get the best result from it.

Qualcomm Aptx Audio Connectivity

Connectivity is now a crucial consideration, and keeping the need in mind, Onkyo HT-S3900 5.1-Channel Home Theater comes with the all-new Qualcomm aptX technology. This helps to seamlessly pair all the devices you own. The fast and secure connection features make sure that your devices connect with the Bluetooth audio system swiftly without making a fuss. As a result, you enjoy the movie and spend quality time with your family, without wasting it over pairing devices and making it ready for screening.

The Qualcomm codec also has the optimizer mode that can enrich any audio format and deliver the most auditory pleasure to the listeners.

Turbo Speakers

This speaker set comes with powerful yet compact speakers. Surprised? So were we.But the sound quality and power of these tiny speakers are truly marvelous. If you have a shortage of space but you want a decent sound system, then this compact home theater can be your go-to choose. HT-S3900 packs six speakers that can give you an immersive surround sound as well as a deeper bass. The sub woofer can also do a pretty decent job in producing the punchy bass for the heavy sound. With the glossy top-notch finish, the speakers can also enhance the beauty of your home, along with providing the most excellent listing experience.

Easy Setup

Yes, it has made it to our list! We know how practical it is to talk about the installing process, which nobody discusses. For starters, you get an apt manual book in the box that can help you in the whole setup process. Also, the parts included in the box are clearly labeled, so you know what to put where. The left/right; front/back, all have clear labeling in them. The inputs and outputs in the receiver machine also have a clear diagram to help you in every way possible. The box even contains color-coded speaker cables, and you do not have to pay any extra bucks for them.

USB Input Port

The USB port of the machine can help you with all your needs. No matter, if you have stored your favorite music in the flash drive or want to connect a device via USB, all is possible in this setup. The system supports all the popular formats such as AAC, MP3, and WMA. You will get nothing but the most remarkable sound from the device and indulge in the most luxurious ways that you can imagine!

Key Features

Dolby sound

‘Dolby Digital’ is an industry lead sound enhancing technology that can change the way we consume our audio content. The Onkyo HT-S3900 has the technology built-in it so that you can get the most crystal-clear thrilling experience.

Surround Sound

HT-S3900 features the 5.1 channel surround sound system. It means it will cover every inch of your room, and you will get a vibrant surround sound that can make you feel that you are a part of the whole adventure that you are experiencing.

Powerful Speaker

The powerful 120 W/Ch is powerful enough to give you the booming sound to enhance your listening experience. With the power-packed speakers, you can even hear the lows with full clarity.

Easy Streaming Option

You can easily stream all the music just from the touch of your smartphone, all thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology powered by Qualcomm apt Audio.


Last but not the least, the whole sound system is very compact. Even though it’s 120 watts and 5.1 channel, you still will be able to squeeze it in a tiny room. And the eye candy design of the speakers will surely enhance the aesthetics of your house.

If you are looking for the best home theater system that is compact in size and mighty in performance, then this can be a great option to go for.

The next in our lineup is the all-new Bose Lifestyle 650 Home Entertainment System. It is a great system for every purpose, be it music, movies, or TV. The system features a slick and trendy centerpiece speaker with the other 4 OmniJewel speakers. This whole setup assures you that you get the sound from every angle from your room and not just from a single source.

Why Do People Love It?

Elegant Design

When it comes from a bigger name such as Bose, you already know that it will provide you with the superior build quality. This sound system is also preceding the same legacy of Bose. The speaker has a premium brushed aluminum design with a tempered glass blend. It is as attractive looking as it sounds. Put it in any corner of your room; it will be more stunning than any other artwork.

360⁰ Surround Sound

The four powerful OmniJewel speakers around 5 inches tall, along with the compact-sized center speaker, can give you breathtaking sound from every angle of your room. The whole system can mix with the Bose Acoustimass module in a jiffy and provide you with the most sophisticated sound you desire. So be it a movie or sports, you always feel that you are in the center of the action. This tiny beast can deliver you the performance that even some bigger sized speakers cannot.

Alexa On Lifestyle 650

Do everything you want hands free. Yes, Bose Lifestyle 650 is compatible with Amazon Alexa, so you can control the volume of the music, change track, play a new title, and do hundreds of tasks with the help of Alexa; just say, hey Alexa, and you are good to go. You can even control the music source; you can change the speaker playing from bedroom to living room with just a voice command. This system is also compatible with Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, and Amazon Music.

True Depth Bass

The wireless Acoustimass module can deliver you the truest deep bass that can change your perspective of listening forever. It gives you the most stunning, dramatic music effect that makes your jaws drop, and the other four front and rear wireless speakers are easy to mount and deliver the same about of deep rich sound.

Ease of Operation

From the unified interactive onscreen controls to the universal remote that can pair with other devices will give you a hassle-free everyday operation. The receiver module has 6 HDMI ports and also has the 4K passing so that you can enjoy the same crystal clear, high-quality video along with the rich sound. The ample number of ports can help you connect all your devices, giving you peace of mind.

Truly Wireless

From the latest Alexa compatibility to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, it has every smart feature that you need from a 2021 device, making it a true wireless device. The revolutionary SoundTouch technology lets you keep the existing Wi-Fi network and connect with it without any trouble. The Bluetooth and NFC ensure that all your devices, from tablets, smartphones to AI gadgets, all can connect instantly. The innovative SoundTouch mobile app also helps you to do everything just from a click of your smartphone, isn’t it exciting?

Key Features

Signature Bose Sound

It is as authentic as it can get; the signature Bose sound is perfect for every occasion. From watching your favorite reality shows to an intense opera to playing nonstop party hit playlists, it will give you the best result every time.

Compact Design

The stunning glass and aluminum design of the whole audio system is no lesser than an art installation in your room. The dimension of the Bass module – 11.61 W x 12.8 H x 11.61 D, Side speakers – 1.84 W x 5.77 H x 1.84 D, Console – 15.98 W x 2.56 H x 10.16 D can fit perfectly in your room.

Premium Support

When you buy the product, you will be signed up for best-in-class after-sales product support. This includes a 1-year limited warranty and also consumer helpline support for all your quarries and needs.

It is the most elegant sound system you can buy for your place that will not only give you the finest sound quality but also adding a fresh look to the interior.

When you are looking for a mid-budget option that can also give you the thriving effect, then there are only a few ways you can go wrong with Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim. This home theater is fully equipped with all the high-end stuff you need to go, minus the heavy cost. Even without a hefty price tag, you know you will be getting quality stuff from a trusted brand like Platin.

Why Do People Love It?

Value for Money

It is no secret that it won because of its value for money. It is a great choice if you are a little short in budget yet looking for a nice device to fill up your house. The mid-range sound system is powerful enough to serve you at all your commands.

Bringing The 80s Back with A Boom

Remember the crazy time of the early 80s with all the boom box and punk rocks on every corner of the street. Oh, you do not; you are the millennial! No worries, even if you are not the boom box guy, you still love the punchy boom bass, right! You will be mesmerized by the effect of the bass with this system. And if you are especially looking for a system that can deliver you the most high-end bass in the segment, then this the choice. With this refined super bass, every beat is now going to match your heartbeat!

The Cinematic Sound

So, you are not a heavy metal sound fan, and by now, you are thinking that it is not the right fit for you. But wait there, it got something for everyone! Presenting the cinema sound, an immersive experience that can give you the most accurate, close to real-life sound even at the highest explosive sound or the quiet of the whisper. You listen to the most dramatic sound as it was intended for you.

The High Tech Guy

The contents that we now consume are the most high-tech products. They feature the 4K resolution to HD audio; thus, owning a device that can handle all the latest tech has now turned into a necessity. Therefore, the Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim is here to help us out. It is compatible with all the newest music formats and delivers the most accurate sound quality matching with the latest and greatest codecs. So no more husky sound; be ready to get the most realistic, authentic sound of 2021.

Fully Wireless

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology, the music system can help you get rid of the tangled wires. All the smaller speakers included with the box are also wireless, making the whole package a wired free system. So even you want to shift to a different location, you can easily do so as there are no messy cables.

Plug n Play

Are you not buying a great music system because you are too worried about its installation process? Well, stop worrying now; Platin Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim Link features plug and play option that can make your system ready literally in seconds. As the home theater is wireless, you do not have to plug every speaker individually. Just place the speakers in your room and connect the module with your TV, and that is all; you are set.

Key Features

Certified by WiSA

WiSA is an international name when it comes to a sound system, and this certification signifies that it meets the highest global sound standards. As a result, you enjoy reliability, interoperability as well performance.

Revolving Sound

Monaco speakers come with THX to help you get the gorgeous cinematic sound that will make sure that you enjoy every moment of your pristine entertainment.

Ease of Operation

You do not have to be any tech expert in order to operate the device. The controller is super easy to handle, and anyone from 8 to 80 can use this without any sorts of difficulties.

When you are in search of the best wireless home entertainment system that can deliver you a pumping sound without wasting a fortune, then Monaco 5.1 Plus Axiim Link Wireless can be your easy pick.

If your motto is budget premium quality, then the next one is going to be your catch. From beautiful metallic design, copper coloring, this system looks as beautiful as it sounds. These elegant speakers pair with the AV receiver within a moment. Also, the sub woofer of the device is a full powerhouse that can deliver quality bass. Weighing around 40 lb., it is a compact device that brings home the signature Klipsch sound.

Why Do People Love It?

The Acoustic Performer

If you are into acoustic tunes, then you are going to fall in love with its sound. It packs Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) that can upscale the vocal or acoustic performance and can deliver a surreal experience. Even if you love movies or TV shows of the drama genre, you will still be proud of this purchase. As it can enhance the vocals of all the dialogues you hear in the shows, it seems like a one to one, real-time conversation in your ears.

Noise Isolation

The lightweight speakers can deliver you a remarkable output when it comes to low-frequency tone. The rigid system can also climate the noise in the sound and bring pure distortion-free music that soothes the listeners’ ears. It also brings the LTS (Linear Travel Suspension) along with it that again helps in minimizing the distortions of sound and provides enhanced in-depth performance.

Wall Mounting on The Go

You can place the home theater on some surfaces, or you can use a wall mount for hanging the speakers. If you want to use the wall hanging feature, this option will be a great lifesaver for you. This sound system supports ¼” x 20 threaded insert keyhole in the satellite speakers. This way, you can put them on your wall at ease and leave them hanging. The beautiful finishing of the satellite speakers will also blend with the aesthetic of your home and give you a pristine look and feel.

Bass Based Wireless Subwoofers

The subwoofers you will get with this package can give you the punchy, powerful, and accurate bass. When you are expecting a nice bass level from your home theater, then you will love this option. Also, the wireless 2.4GHz makes sure that you get the premium quality fluid sound in every inch of your room. All you have to do is to connect it with the receiver and chill.

Horn-Loaded Amplifier

The aluminum twitter matched with the Tractrix Horn Technology is always having your back. The all-aluminum twitters can deliver you a top-notch sound response and also an enhanced prevailing listening experience. So, be ready to get the most accurate listing experience of all time. The amplifier that the satellite speakers contain also works as the composing enhancement system that can match with the content that you are listening, and provide you with the most natural result accordingly.

Key Features

Cinematic Sound

Indulge yourself in the most luxurious form of sound with the help of this superior soundbox. The special cinematic features of the device make sure you get accurate vocals and genuine sound for every dialogue delivered to you.

Tractrix Technology

This enhanced, one-of-a-kind feature is exclusive to this device. The aluminum-based tweeters provide the listener a sound that is noise-free, clean, and can provide you the cleanest sound that you have always aspired for.


It gives you flexibility in the sense that you can mount it on the wall with its keyhole, or you can place it on any surface such as a table or any other place as per your requirements.

When you are looking for a device that can give you a great acoustic volume and can also add a vibrant touch to your living room, you can go with this option without any doubt.

Are you a college student or you always parting dusk till dawn and want to have your private disco at home? Whatever the answer is, the Rockville HTS56 is the ultimate solution to all your dynamic surround system’s needs. This machine can pick up to 1000 watts and deliver a rock-solid, elaborated sound. Power packing the most tremendous sound and maintain high-level performance; this system is a kind of its own.

Why Do People Love It?

Spectacular Speaker Setup

The speaker setup of the system is sumptuous creation. With the three-inch sizes front speakers, as well as the rear speakers, it is the blockbuster formula. Along with the eight-inch subwoofer, you can tune all your house parties to a disco night out. Also, if you look closely, you can see the material is a robust MDF component that can give the whole system a rigid feel while increasing its durability. Another interesting feature of the speakers is that they have their own volume controlling button, so you can individually increase or decrease the sound as per your choice. The packaging includes full-length cables so that you can place them anywhere you like without worrying about the cable length.

Full Sound Support

Regardless of your content, you always get full sound support. It is often the case with low-grade home theaters that you only get the sound from the two front speakers when you are playing your music to your device. But not anymore! Now you get the full speaker support that uses all five speakers and deliver you the most advanced high-res, quality sound even if you are on Bluetooth or even on any non-HD source; you will still get the full speaker support.

Enhanced Controlling System

The receiver of the system has a digital readout screen so that you can easily see the songs are playing and help you in raising and lowering the volume. It also has an FM radio, Bluetooth as well a USB reader in it. Hence, you can play everything as per your mood. And another good news for the old school guys, it has an RCA DVD output. If you are still holding your old memories to your music CDs, then this is one of the very few options you can get out there. Also, you get a full-control supported remote controller so that you can always be in control.

RGB Lighting

And also, to spice things up a little bit, the satellite speakers come with beautiful LED lights that are adaptive to music. The lights change with the beats of the sound and rhythm; the RGB also changes the pace according to the music. The system can blink different lights as per the settings and modes. The LED of the sub-woofers can also flash the light according to the equalizer, and the sparkling of the light changes with the equalizer. You also get the option to turn the light off if you do not want them.

Key Features

Miscellaneous Input Modes

From FM Radio to the USB, ¼” MIC Inputs with Echo function for karaoke Micro SD card, RCA AUX Input you name it, you got it with it. So, no matter wherever you put your songs, you will always be able to play.

Higher Sound Output

The sound output can get tremendously high; with up to 1000 watts, it can get as much loud as it can get.

Nice Built

The robust system building craftsmanship is not magnificent on the inside as well as the outside. The sound system provides you the quality that even a higher-priced audio system cannot.

If you are looking for a system that can give you a very loud sound whenever you want while preserving the aesthetically pleasing design, this is the option for you. And with the extended format support, the system can suffice almost your every need.

Check it out here:

This is the time when we are talking about a leap in quality and budget. So, if you want avant-garde sound, pristine quality, and a high-end device that lies in the most premium segment and give you the flagship experience, then you must put this piece on your bucket list.

Why Do People Love It?

A Sound Like Unlike Any Other

You want the best of the best for yourself, right? Then you want the music experience just the way it was intended to be; introducing the Hi-Res audio by Sony. With this technology, you get the best ever CD-quality music. And with all the speakers united with the system, it feels like a connection is performing in front of you.

Unleashing the Spatial Sound Effect

Spatial sound is like a form of surround sound that makes you feel like you are in the middle of the action. All thanks to the 7.2 channel, along with the support of Dolby Atmos® and DTS: X™, you experience the multi-dimensional surround sound. The Dolby audio can provide you with 360-degree surround sound no matter wherever you are in the room. The DTS: X™; is an audio decoding format that lets you configure all your nine speakers in real-time so that the sound you hear does not feel artificial; instead, they seem throbbing alive beats!

Sound Relocation

You can easily change the position of the sound speakers of STR-DN1080 without even worrying about the music distortion. This is possible with the enhanced technology of sound that adapts to the home environment and gives you the best music based on the speaker position. You also have the option to swift it to the 5.1 channel or a simple stereo speaker when you need it.

Dynamic Up-scaling

The receiver supports the HDR image processing, and you get the even-toned, eye-pleasing 4K footage. When purchasing the best 7.1 home theater system, you must keep in mind that at the end of the day, you need to pair it up with your TV. Hence, it becomes a necessity to get a system that can support high-resolution image output as well as sound. This Sony receiver is capable of processing high definition HDR image so that you can get the supreme viewing experience along with the superior quality sound.

Key Features

Chromecast Built-In

Stream a podcast, audiobook, music, or anything with the built-in Chromecast with the device. No matter you are on your smartphone or tablet, you can connect numerous devices with it and play from any one of them at your convenience.

Miscellaneous Audio File Format Support

You can play almost all the leading audio formats with this player. It supports WAV, FLAX, ALAC, AIFF, only to name a few. Regardless of your source, you always get the optimum results.

7.2 Channel Surround

The surreal surround effect with the 7.2 channels is spectacular; you can even feel the music coming up from the top with these fluid speakers. Get into enchanting mode every time you plug it in.

Are you looking for a great surround system with premium quality? If yes, then this one is going to be the ultimate choice that can mesmerize you in every sort of way.

Are you looking for the perfect companion for your OLED TV for all binge-watching? Then your search ends here with the all-new Samsung soundbar that is unique in every aspect. This special soundbar packs three firing speakers on the front and the other two speakers on the top. It is equipped with one subwoofer that can deliver you all the bass and a dramatically captivating movie viewing experience.

Why Do People Love It?

The 3D Surround Effect

Explore the depth of sound with the two industry-leading audio enhancement technologies, DTS: X™ and Dolby Atmos®, that can make every moment jaw-dropping. The unique 3.1.2 channel setup assures that you get sound from the very corner of the room. The dual support technology also helps you to detect the sound as it hovers around your side, from the top, and even from the corner. Brace yourself for such a sound as you have never heard before.

The Fully Compact Package

When you are a bit short in space, or you do not want too many speakers laying around your home, this sound system can help you to get the best theater-quality sound from a single source. You enjoy all the quality of a home theater, but you do not need separate speakers. This bar has all the speakers in it, like the other home theater system, but in a compact form.

Place it under your TV and be ready to get the mesmerizing sound effects. And if you want to enhance your experience, you can additionally purchase a wireless sound kit that extends your listening experience without tangling you with wires.

Adaptive Sound

This Samsung soundbar is intelligent enough to understand the scenes and adapt sound accordingly. Whether you are listing to music, watching sports or movies, even playing games, this system can understand all the activities and adjusts accordingly to deliver you the most satisfying sound. This soundbar has dedicated gaming support in which you can get the best gaming directional sound with the connected console.

Key Features

Alexa Equipped

The soundbar has Alexa inbuilt in it; just command Alexa to change the song or lower down the volume, it is always at your service without you even touching the remote controller.

Acoustic Beam

This special feature is exclusive to this sound system. It delivers the sound the way that you feel like you hear it from the precise action place.

One-Touch Play

Playing your favorite playlist has never been easier; just tap your smartphone with it, and instantly your playlist will start playing in the soundbar.

When you are looking for the best wireless home entertainment system, which is also compact sized and delivers you a phenomenal sound, then this option is exactly going to be your perfect match.

Another budget-friendly addition to our list is the Acoustic Audio AA5172 700W Bluetooth Home Theater. It is a fully equipped 5.1 channel audio system with all the modern technology, plus you get FM Radio support. Is int it fantastic? Now let’s check out some other great offerings of this home theater system.

Why Do People Love It?


The most viciously priced item on our list. If you are in school, college and you want to buy an audio system for yourself; then this speaker is going to be your numero uno choice. It is budget-friendly with all the latest and greatest features from premium segment speakers. This option is also great for people who want a sound system for occasional music playing.

Easy Controls

The sound system offers full function remote along with it so that you do not have to leave the comfort of your couch just for the sake of changing the track. You get full access to volume up and down, bass-treble control, and many more. And for better usability, the system also has front controls.

Simplistic Design

Though this home theater does not support the 4K upscaling, HDMI output, voice controls, it still retains its simplicity. You may be not very good with the latest technology and want some old school stuff, or you want to give your kids a simple sound system in their room; all these needs can be fulfilled by this piece and with the 20Hz-20 kHz frequency response, audio amplifier and bass boosting design, you get a sound that worth your every penny.

Cable Setup
Connection Ports

When it comes to connectivity, you are again going to enjoy a lot of connectivity features. From USB to Bluetooth to SD card, you got all the things that you need for connecting your device to your preferred music source. If you have stored all your favorite music in some flash drive or on an SD card, you can now plug them into your reviver and enjoy listing all the songs without any trouble. You do not have to go and use your commuter anymore to play these songs. Once you purchased the home theater, you are good to go with almost all sorts of traditional connections.

Key Features

Bang in A Pouch

The whole system can deliver top-notch sound quality at a very affordable price tag. Also, the build quality and material you get is also durable and high quality. The size is not also too big, making it a perfect music companion of yours.

Hassle-Free Setup

The easy plug and play option can help you to set the device in no time. Plug all the cables into the labeled port and turn on your device. You are all set; now, directly stream your favorite podcast from your smartphone or play the music from any source of your choice.

Box Contains

While now these days you do not see much inbox contains, here you can get all the things that you want for your device. A full remote controller, 3.5 mm jack, and also the RCA cable to help you to connect all your device at once.

This budget-friendly device can be the best choice if you have stored many of your songs on a USB, SD card or you want a budget-friendly option for occasional music playing.

When you are looking for a sound speaker that can transform your room into a theater, then this solution is going to be your choice. This is a 5.1 channel sub-woofer that also has a built-in sub-woofer and delivers the most cinematic sound for your ears.

Why Do People Love IT?

Pairs with Everything

Connectivity is a major factor of every home theater, and keeping this in mind, Pyle PT589BT ensures that you can connect this device with all the devices you own. It features 5 input channels with 2 HDMI in and 1 output. While the other input such as the FM radio let you listen to old-style radio programs too. The AUX stereo input will be able to turn your music system into a karaoke station and have a fun time with friends. With the ample HDMI inputs, you can attach your gaming console, Blu-ray player, and even laptop with it. It is unmatched in every sort of way.

Latest Bluetooth Driver

This pro-grade system has Bluetooth in it to connect with all the latest wireless gadgets. You can connect almost all the devices you have with it via the Bluetooth system. And the new Bluetooth 4.0 makes sure that all your devices get connected with each other super-fast without the hassle of paring them every time you use them. Bluetooth 4.0 also supports better music quality; once you play, you can tell the difference of the enhanced sound quality with this Bluetooth system. Another great feature of this version is the reduced battery consumption from the previous one. With this Bluetooth, your device supports playback for longer hours compared with the traditional one.

Surround System

When a surround sound system is one of your top priorities, then getting this home theater is a great choice for you. This sound system has five speakers in it, and each of them is pretty decent in terms of sound quality. When you listen with the speaker, you get the accurate, lifelike sound that you would have felt if you were present in the moment.

A surround sound system means the sound that can circle the room and make you feel that you are living the moment in real-time. Say, for instance, if a car crosses from the left on a movie, you can almost feel the sound of a car crossing from your left. It is magical, cinematic, and a fun-filled experience of surround sound.

Build Quality

Another area where this home theater flourishes is the superior build quality. The innate craftsmanship of the home theater can provide a premium build quality, and it can enhance the overall feel of the system while providing longevity. Also, a nice-built sound system can provide you a far high-grade sound quality compared to a cheap one. So no matter what you are into, this sound system can deliver you a phenomenal performance and can be a great asset to your house.

Key Features

High Power Mode

A speaker can only work best if it has enough power to boost the sound of the system. The Pyle PT589BT is no different; it has a 300-watt power mode that can deliver you the highest range of solutions in a wider range.


If you think that this model will almost cost a fortune because of the extended features, then you are highly mistaken. This whole thing is robust, and this stuff can provide a piece of high-quality music along with the budget-friendly option.

Digital Display

This home theater possesses a high-quality LCD display that can be pretty handy for all your needs. It can show all the functions you are trying, settings, and even the song’s name that you are playing with it. And with this built-in display, one can take a sneak peek and see all the vital details they need to see in the home theater.

Pyle PT589BT ends all the needs of yours in the home theater without you even going heavy on the budget. The solid build quality and the state of art music quality have given it a noteworthy position in this list.

Last but not the least is our JBL Bar 2.1. It is not possible not to talk about JBL when we are talking about the best music platforms. JBL has been a renowned name in the music industry for quite a long time. And this name has successfully cultivated its ground only based on the sheer craftsmanship of the product and by delivering customers the most satisfying product experience they could have asked for.

Why Do People Love It?

Simplicity Meets Power

This is the most simplistic music setup on our list, yet it can mesmerize you in every sort of way. This sound system is consisting of only two elements, one sub-woofer and another soundbar. The soundbar may be a simple setup, but when it comes to performance, it is a great beast all in one. With the 300 watts power, you can change your living room to a parity floor or a movie theater, or a player’s ground with the turn of a second.

The high-quality soundbar can enhance the listening experience altogether and present it in a phenomenal way that can dazzle the spectators in awe. 2.1 channel means that the sound system has two main speakers and a sub-woofer. The two speakers are capable enough to power the whole unit. Both the speakers run simultaneously on the dura power mode for the efficient result. A sub-woofer is also a wireless unit that will synchronize with the whole system. And this way, you can spectacle a high-quality system that can deliver you robust performance and simply mesmerize you.

Captivating Sound

The 2.1 channel system means that the two speakers in the bar can deliver the most flamboyant music altogether. The two speakers go hand in hand, and they can cast the gorgeous sound effect on you. The surround system that the speakers have is truly phenomenal. Instead of using many satellite speakers, it uses only a single soundbar and provides you the sound that can stay in your heart long after you stop listing to it.

The surround system is appropriate for almost all the sources of sound. It will not at all disappoint you in movies or music or almost any kind of scenario. So regardless of the content, you are watching, it will continue to provide you a tremendous sound effect that captivates you over and over again.

Never Runs Out of Options

No matter whether you are connecting your system wirelessly or with a wired connection, you will always get the best connectivity options to get you powered. For the wired connection, this system has HDMI cable input. The cable can connect both your TV and music system and deliver an exceptional music experience along with great picture quality on the TV. When you are trying to go wireless, you can do that via Bluetooth. With the Bluetooth and the specialized audio application of JBL, you can swiftly pair your music system with your smart gadgets such as your smartphone, tablet, gaming console, and many more.

Rich Bass Fidelity

Do you love to groove on the bass beats? Do you love to make bold moves on a game with a spatial sound on your ear? If yes, then this gear is made for only you and you. The high bass speakers, along with the powered woofers, can deliver you the highest range of sound and effects. This bass is not like the everyday experience; it is more than you have ever experienced.

The subwoofers of the system can also provide you a rich tone, but it is not something that you would not be able to handle. Often it becomes the case that we cannot encompass the high bass from our sound system. The bass goes overboard, and the other sound cannot be heard properly. But with the JBL system, you will not feel this problem. The sound is well adjusted with balanced bass and treble so that it can give you the most accurate bass that you will continue to enjoy with all other sounds.


Music distortion is a thing that often goes unseen by us while purchasing the home theater. Usually, we listen to the music at a low or medium volume and do not find the distortion. But when we invite some of our friends for a party or sleepover and play the sound system in full volume, we feel the sound is full of noises and it pretty much distorted, and we immediately regret our purchase. But this would not be the case for the JBL soundbar. This soundbar can provide you the richest music even when you are playing it on top volume level. It will also keep the whole noise and distortion in check, all thanks to its high-quality build and sound amplifiers. It will continue to flourish and give you distortion, less noise-free sound.

Key Features

Go Wireless

Just like other great home theaters out there, this 2.1 channel home theater can also give you the luxury of going wireless. Say goodbye to messy cords and welcome this wireless module to your home. The sub-woofer and the soundbar can both connect wireless, and even you can play music with it via Bluetooth, making it a fully wireless system.

Alive Sound

The JBL speaker can make the sound come alive all by itself. You do not have to purchase extra speakers or another wireless unit to power it up. It is an all in one deal.

Universal Remote

You can control the soundbar from the TV remote of yours without changing anything. Just point it towards your soundbar, and you can control it from the same remote controller.

When you need a simple setup to get you going for everything, then go with it without a second thought.

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